Confusing love

I don't know if you will like it but there is some information in the first chapter


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Bella's P.O.V

I've been living in USA with me cousin Demi Lovato who I didn't even knew was my cousin but we're really close. right now I'm touring with her and and the Jonas Brothers Kevin, Nick and Joe Demi's boyfriend they are really cute together and to look at them now laying in the couch cuddling up Kissing makes me want to say 'aww' but that'd be awkward "gross!" its Franklin The Jonas's 15 years old little brother "no its cute Frankie they're in love" I say laughing "still gross" Franklin says "what about the girl you are talking about when you sleep?" I tease him "I don't talk in my sleep" Franklin says me and Frankie starts play fighting "guys stop and watch this video its really good" Demi shouts to make sure we hears it "OK I give up you win" I say and gets up from the floor in the bus and taking the sit next to Demi who reaches out the iPad to me "the song is called 'Confident'" Joe says  as Demi presses play and when I see a person I thought I was never going to see again, Justin Bieber. I stops the video when its almost done and walks into the beds short time after I've lay on my bed Demi comes and sits beside me "whats wrong? I something is wrong cause I know my cousin" Demi says she always no how to make me smile "its just the one in the video wasn't that Justin Bieber?" I asks Demi nods "I know him we've been in high school together and we kinda kissed but I haven't seen him in 2 years and I thought I would never see his face again" I explain "waow but I don't think you'll meet him again I mean there is thousands of people in the world" Demi says encouragingly "ok thanks Demi I really need to talk to Cat right now" I say hugging her "ok say hi from me" Demi says and going out to the others in the front room, I find my Macbook and calling Cat on FaceTime.

*FaceTime call/convo*

I wave to Cat when she picks up "Heey I've missed you so much!" I almost screams 

​"OMG I've missed you too much! so how is it on tour?" Cat asks screaming 

"its ok" I say smiling

"OK its freaking Demi Lovato and JONAS BROTHERS!" Cat screams she is a big fan of both Demi and most of all the Jonas Brothers  

"haha how is it going in Canada?" I ask

"its been cool I've been hanging out with Ryan and Chaz.." Cat says as I interrupt her

"wait is Ryan and Chaz your friends?!" I ask 

"yeah they're actually really nice and when Justin is gone and you're gone we just started to hang out"  Cat says smiling 

"cool, so Justin is really a singer now?" I say as I look down 

"yeah how do you know?" Cat asks

"Demi showed his video 'Confident'" I say weary a smile

"ok have you meet him?" I asks with a discreet voice 

"no" Cat says 

"but you know what if you want to maybe you can come and live here on the bus for the rest of the tour?" I say just to change the subject and of course because it'll be so much cooler to have my best friends here

"that be amazing!" Cat wines 

"yeah right I just have to ask Demi first K" I say with excitement in the voice

"Cat dinner is ready!" its Cats mom 

"COMING! ok and I have to ask my parents see ya bestie love you!" Cat says and making a air kiss "love you too bestie see ya" and with that we hang up..


heey guys sorry for not updating in a loong time but I had writer's block.. I know its a short chapter but I'll update soon. thanks 4 reading my story luuv ya purple tigers<3

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