Confusing love

I don't know if you will like it but there is some information in the first chapter


2. new

Justin's P.O.V

"uh it was uh do you want to hang out today?" I asks her instead of saying something that will make me sound like some weirdo "uh I'm sorry I can't but what about tomorrow?" Bella asks and I can tell that she just acts like she does not like me "good see ya Bella" I say going out and calling a taxi but then it starts to rain so I take my hoodie on.


Bella's P.O.V

Wow Justin acts weird today I mean he does not act like he owns the world as he use to,he was kinda sweet? I thought while looking at him through the window he stands outside in the rain only with his hoodie on.. okay now it all stops so I grab my jacket and taking it on then going out to him Justin stands outside my house next to the bus stop sign "Justin why are you just standing here in the rain" I ask him "I'm waiting on a taxi" just when the taxi comes Justin takes a sit in it and its just about to drive but I stops it and opening the passenger door "Justin maybe we can hang out at your house tomorrow" I ask fast and a smirk grow at Justin's face "I'll text ya" Justin says with a smirk then the taxi drives I stay outside to see where it drives but then it stops just like a mile away and Justin comes out waiting to it drives then he goes into a house.


I grab my phone and calls Cat and asks if she wants to hang out today and  of course she wants to (2 minutes after it knocks at the door so I get out of my bed turning off the T.V and runs downstairs and opening the door in thought that its Cat "hey Cat.. Justin? did you forgot something?" I asks "no I was just wondering.." Justin starts "if you want to be in a video I put on youtube?" Justin asks but when I'm just about to answer Cat comes out of a taxi, she comes closer and closer to my house so I think fast cause I don't want her to think there is something between me and Justin "uh ok yes see you tomorrow bye" I say fast and I can't tell that Justin is confused but when he turns around and sees Cat he seem to understand "yep see ya" Justin says and smirks Cat just looks confused at me then at Justin who is getting into the taxi that Cat just came out of "what was that all about?" Cat asks still confused "uh nothing uh come in I'm in movie mood what about you?" I ask hopefully that she will give it up even that I know that she not, she comes in I close the and we're going into the kitchen "are you finding a movie or am I?" I ask opening a closet with snacks "I am!" Cat says fast so it makes both of us laugh too much "I..I'll..go..find..a..a movie" Cat says while laughing "good find a good one" I say when I get done laughing but Cat still laughs while moving into the living room I find some popcorn and placeing them in the microwave.


I grab my phone to see who it is 'Unknown number' I stand a second before I answer it.

(phone convo)

me*hello who is it*

person*hi.. Isabella?*

me*yes who are you*

person* its me you dad how are you?*

I freeze when the person tells me its my dad who left me and my mom to marry another woman than my mom

person*hallo Isabella are you there?*


(end of convo)

I fast hang up and laying my phone on the table then I start to fell sick I fall to the floor and EVERYTHING gets black..

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