Confusing love

I don't know if you will like it but there is some information in the first chapter


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Hi I live in LA and my name is Isabella but my friends are calling me Bella or Bel, I have ALOT of friends, I'm REALLY popular.. OK you got me I'm not popular, I only have girl friends not that I don't want guy friends its just the guys on my school that don't want to BE my friend, I am confident and says my opinion if there is something I don't like thats why my best friend is Cat we've known each other since like forever.. K what else can I tell. OH sorry I'm 17 years old and is a senior student on Marino high school.


"Bella hallo" I look up at mrs madliff or as all of her students calls her mrs mad our mathematic teacher, cause she is always mad and strict " what?" I ask fast "could you please give me an answer on the question?" Mrs madliff says again "what question?" I ask confused and mrs madliff looks annoyed because non of us is actually listing at what she says "what is 1-2+23000?" mrs madliff asks trying not to sound annoyed but fails "hmm" I mumble as Cat is coming to my rescue "22.999" Cat whispers to me "it is 22.999" I'm saying 'thanks' I lip-synch to Cat "thats correct but next time please answer the first time I ask ok" Mrs madliff says looking strict at me "yes" I say understanding but quite.


the shcoolbell is ringing out of class...


Me and Cat stands in front of our lockers finding our books for the next class when Justin and his annoying friends is coming over to us, yes you can obviously hear I don't like them very much and you're right I hate them they always says stupid and annoying things,me and Cat is the only girls on school there isn't totally in love with them, but back to the present. Justin stands behind my locker os that he shock me *GASP* "hey babes" Justin says in a 'cool' way "what do you want Justin!?" I say cold Maybe to cold? NO since when did I care about hurting Justin's feelings NEVER I don't even think he got some. "waow that was cold babe" Justin says still in that 'cool' way he think is cool "stop calling me babe" I say mad "OHH!" Justin and his stupid friends are saying.


yeah finally thanks bell for saving us from this nightmare "see ya babe" Justin says then going to class, " forget about that, come on" Cat says to me. but before we are going to class we are going into the toilets because Cat wanted to talk to me before we start to talk I check that we are the only in here and we are so Cat starts talking "did you saw how Justin looked at you I'm sure he is into you" she says "NO he is not into me ok" I say hopefully that she will just let go of it but of course she is not " come on you didn't even looked at him but I did, so I'm thinking you and Justin the coolest coup.."Cat says until i interrupt her "Stop Cat" I say fast before she starts planing our wedding.. THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPENED cause I don't like him "what?" Cat asks like she have no idea whats going on "There is nothing 'me and Justin' I don't even like him or anything" I tell her looking strict at her "okay sorry I didn't thought about that please forgive me sweetest most beautiful BFF?" Cat says in hope that I'll forgive her "ok and its never going to be me and Justin" I says hugging her "come on we are late for class" Cat says fast the we are running to class...

*in class*

there's only two sits left, one in front of Justin and another next to him so Cat is fast to take the sit in front of him so that I need to sit next to him " sorry we are late" I say to out teacher but I think its a substitute teacher which means he don't know us "I don't hope you're always late" the substitute teacher is telling us. 10 minutes into the lesson Justin reaches a note over to me I read the note. 

'do you like me as a friend?'

there is wrote wow that does not sound like the Justin I know.. I write back. 

'Idk sometimes it fells like you are nice' 

I give him the note back to him, he looks at it and starts to write then gives me the note again.

'ok do you think we can become friends.. I mean nobody can resist me charm haha :-D'

a giggle escape me in spit of myself but it was kinda cute all the confidence he had. I start to write.

'haha :-D.. cute.. lets see'

I give him the note again he looks at me and smirks, and the rest of the class we write on the note.


Justin's P.O.V

I write me number "text me" I whisper when our teacher is not looking "I will" she says and give me another note with her number on it then the school bell finally rings and the school is over YAS you know we get holiday in 8 WEEKS how cool is that NO SHCOOL IN FUCKING 8 WEEKS, I'm just going to skate with my friends and paint graffiti oh and of course have Bella as my girl, I look at her while she is talking with uh.. Cat! that girl is so damn hot I mean Bella not Cat I'm about to go talk to her but then my friends Chaz, kahill and Ryan is coming so I just talk to them.


Bella's P.O.V

"its so good to have 8 weeks without worrying about school" I says and Cat agree with me "yeah and my parents is going on some couple-holiday in Paris" Cat says "cool" I say knowing what  she is about to say "yeah and I want to ask them if I can have a party" Cat says just as I make up in my mind she would say do I know my best friend or what! "cooler" I say when Cats mom texts her that she is here Cat asks if I want to drive with them but I say no, I starts to walk home.


'mom's calling' I answer


me*hey mommy*

mom*hello sweetheart, I'm only driving a few miles away from your school so I thought maybe getting you from school*

me*ok thanks mom I'm only a few steps from the school*

mom*good so just stay there*

me*ok bye mom*

mom*see you sweetheart*

(end of convo)

I hang up and slipping my phone into my pocket again when I spots Justin stand with his friends who is just about to go into the bus when the bus drives he looks around and spots me "hey Bella" Justin shouts and running over to me "hey Justin are you going to go home?" I ask " yes uh what about you why are you just standing here?" Justin asks waow impressive it really seems like he cares about it "I'm just waiting for my mom to pick me up" I say when my phone rings "its my mom" I'm saying before I answer.


me*hey mom*

mom*hello sweetheart*

me*are you here soon mom?*

mom*uh yeah thats what I called for.. I can't get you from school anyway because I'm going to Paris the whole summer*


mom*I'm sorry sweetheart (she's talking to someone else) oh yes I'm coming now but I'm talking to my daughter (talking to me again) honey I gotta go I love you much bye*

me*love you too mom bye*

(end of convo) 

I start to walk home with Justin following but not in the creepy way where I don't know it cause I can see him, but seriously how could my mom I mean not that she didn't come to get me from school but the fact that she takes to Paris and leaving me home alone but she have to do it even if she don't want to because if she don't do she will loose her clothing line, yep thats right my mom is an designer she is really good and knows what she is doing she also designs some of my clothes but I don't care I just want ONE holiday with her thats all I ask for JUST ONE HOLIDAY...


Justin's P.O.V

Bella looks sad "whats wrong Bella" I ask quiet she looks at me "nothing just stay out of it OK" Bella says and I can see her eyes get teared up but not even one tear is coming down her cheek "hey? is it something with you mom" I ask nice but then her eyes get red instead of teary and she runs away from me, I run after her she runs into a bus and the chauffeur closes the door right in my face.


Bella's P.O.V

who do he think he is he can't just say mad things about my mom. he don't even know me or my mom, I see a bus like 10 steps away so I run up to the bus, jumping in Justin runs after me but I asks the bus chauffeur to close the door and drive to LA midtown I pay and takes a sit.. 

"LA MIDTOWN" the bus chauffeur says or its more like he shouts it "thanks for the drive" I say smiling "its my job young lady I don't have a choice" the bus chauffeur says I can tell he does no like his job I just smile and goes out of the bus and into my house I threw my schoolbag in the entrée and runs into the kitchen, not that I'm who eats much of food "hey Bella" someone says behind me so I turn around WHAT how can he but I.. "you are not supposed to be here Justin" I say as confident as I can "Listen Bella? I just want to know why you were running away from me? what's wrong?" Justin says "I'm sorry about that but you don't  know me or my mom so you can't just talk mad about her OK!?" I say "I'm sorry but I didn't talked mad about your mom I asked if it was something with your mom cause you got sad right after you talked to her" Justin says smirking "Justin I really think you should go now" I says going over to the door knowing he will follow me but then he takes me and pushes me up at the wall taking his fingers under my chin which making me look into his eyes.. wow I haven't noticed before now but his eyes is.. beautiful WAIT nothing forget it "ok be honest.." Justin starts but shut his mouth again "Justin!?" I say waving my hand in front of his eyes "what?" Justin says quiet.


Justin's P.O.V

Okay I don't know myself anymore I mean I'm normally more cool actually the coolest and when its about girls I only call them hot and then THEY fall in love with me but theres something ´bout this girl just her mouth, her hair and her eyes I can't stop looking into them "Justin!?" Bella says waving her hands in front of my eyes "hmm what? I say quiet "You were just about to say I should be honest!?" Bella asks looking confused.


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