killer boy

6 yr old colton steel went to kindergarten eager to tell his new friends his paranormal discovery. not only they bullied him and made him cry ... he decided to make a choice that changed what everyones minds about him.


4. the choice.

 i  see thm in the hallway the taughnt me and we faught i suprissingly won.  and at resess.  they came to me. and we started to fight again when i told them i have a suprise i will kill u. they laughed.  i got the  wallet thing i stole from patricks back pack. and opened it and they laughed more so the main one josph i got the knife from it that patrick uses for his inscureites. and stabed and twisted hard on the knife on josph then he chocked his friend zeek backed away i wached josph die in front of me... i took knife out of his chest and throw it in the sewer drain. and ran to bathroom and washed blood of me. and contenued my day. and acted like nothing happened at all.

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