killer boy

6 yr old colton steel went to kindergarten eager to tell his new friends his paranormal discovery. not only they bullied him and made him cry ... he decided to make a choice that changed what everyones minds about him.


3. show and tell

"ok time for show and tell." mrs. donavin says happily. so it begins. after the adorable girl. Juliette shows us her teddy bear. i go "i have nothing to show but something to tell." i say. "when i was 3 yrs old i saw my death place my killer and weapon. and we went to it and found a coursp. and a ax near by and the village i lived in that man went missing four yrs earler.'' i say mumbling and uncomfortableness sourounds the room. then finally  the laughter, embaressment, and regret overwelmed me.  "i told you they would." gavin says. '' i no .' i say disapointed.  and these second graders taughnted me and beat me up. then i went home patrick taught me how to fight them. and i was prepared.

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