killer boy

6 yr old colton steel went to kindergarten eager to tell his new friends his paranormal discovery. not only they bullied him and made him cry ... he decided to make a choice that changed what everyones minds about him.


2. recess

we play on slide when i tell my new frined gavin my story. "thats scary.'' he says ''im going to tell everone my story tomorow at shown tell.'" i say exicdedly. " im not shure thats a good idea.'' gavin says. ''why not?" i ask "because people are mean.'' he says sounding deturmind. " nothing can go wrong.'' i say happily. ' watch then." "youll beleve me then." gavin says. then we line up go to class take a nap i cant i lay there a little terrifyed bout wt gavin said.  i go home "so how was kindergarden colton.' my brother patrick asks. ''scarry.' i say. " he laughs. "tell me." he says so i tell him.  i can tell he already dont beleve me.

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