The Reststop and the Seraphim

I've always been more of a lover than a fighter, but that didn't stop me from being a hunter. The need to keep other people safe from the monsters that could quite literally be under their beds drove me to where I am today. I am known for my extensive knowledge of demons and angels. I have become a place of solitude and peace for fellow hunters. My story isn't all that happy but I make the most of it.

It's all been downhill since Castiel fell. The angels have started fighting against the demons and more importantly, themselves. We the Seraphim, Guardians of Gods Throne, Angels of Light, Love, and Fire, have left heaven to protect Gods Throne in places far from Heaven. I am young, just a "fledgling" they call me, but I'm determined to prove them wrong.


3. The Winchesters

I sat, legs crossed and fingers picking at my clothing, in a large armchair. It had been a couple hours since the Winchesters had called and they should be here any moment. The nervousness of meeting such well known hunters who had gone to hell and back was finally setting in. I'd heard Dean had escaped from purgatory, who has ever done that? And they traveled with an angel.

That was what was making me nervous more than anything else. I didn't have a great track record with angels or demons. Demons had killed my parent and I came close to dying at the hands of a demon during my hunting days. Angels, well, I ran into a fallen angel many years ago and managed to escape with only a scar on my left forearm from their blade.

I take a deep breath and try to think pleasant thoughts. Then there was a knock on my door. I stood up quickly and nearly ran to the door. I pause and took another deep breath before opening the door with a smile.

"Hello you must be the Winches-" My smile drops as my eyes travel up them.

I hadn't expected them to be so, tall. I was five foot five but the shortest one was probably six feet tall. And the tallest was around six foot four.

"Hey. I'm Dean, this is my younger brother Sam." The shorter one, Dean, gestured to his brother.

"Younger brother?" I repeated.

Dean looks slightly annoyed. "Yeah."

I nodded and move aside for them. As they enter I realize there wasn't an angel.

"Uh, didn't you guys travel with an angel?" I ask.

"Yeah, he'll be here shortly." Sam says.

"Do you want anything to drink?" I gesture toward my kitchen.

"Beer for me." Dean says.

"Do you have any beer?" Sam asks.

I nod. "With all the hunters coming in, you'd think I'd be running a bar too." I joke.

I hurry to the kitchen and grab two beers and an earl grey tea. When I come back I find Dean and Sam standing awkwardly in the living room.

"You can sit anywhere you'd like." A practiced line used on many uncomfortable hunters.

Dean ends up in the armchair and Sam on the couch. I hand them the beers and sit on the other end of the couch. I sit quietly and patiently, waiting for them to talk. This happened many a times with hunters. They would sit and I found it was easier to wait until they felt comfortable. After a few minutes I open my mouth to say something but was interrupted by a tentative knock. I stand and open the door. A man slightly shorter than Dean stands there in a trench coat.

"Hello sir." I smile and let him in.

"Cas!" Sam waves.

I give the man a double take. "Are you an angel?"

"Yes, Zhanna this is Castiel. Castiel this is who will be helping is." Dean does introductions.

"Hello Castiel." I stick out my hand.

Castiel shakes my hand quickly. "We're here for information on the archangel Lucifer." Castiel says bluntly.

I roll my shoulders. "Lucifer? Piece of cake, come on." I say and walk toward the library.

"He is not a piece of cake. He's an archangel."


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