The Reststop and the Seraphim

I've always been more of a lover than a fighter, but that didn't stop me from being a hunter. The need to keep other people safe from the monsters that could quite literally be under their beds drove me to where I am today. I am known for my extensive knowledge of demons and angels. I have become a place of solitude and peace for fellow hunters. My story isn't all that happy but I make the most of it.

It's all been downhill since Castiel fell. The angels have started fighting against the demons and more importantly, themselves. We the Seraphim, Guardians of Gods Throne, Angels of Light, Love, and Fire, have left heaven to protect Gods Throne in places far from Heaven. I am young, just a "fledgling" they call me, but I'm determined to prove them wrong.


2. The Seraphim

My name is Gabriella, named after the archangel Gabriel. I got teased a lot about that, even before I reached heaven. Yes, I went to heaven. I died in a car crash, my mother died too. Up in heaven, I was approached and told that I was to become a Seraphim, one of the highest ranks an angel could be.

Why? The only explanation they gave me was that they needed more Seraphim's. I was scared and frightened, these angels were centuries, no, eons old. Me? I was only fifteen. They took good care of me, teaching me how to use my powers and imprinting into my brain that I was not to mess around. That was all good and fine, I got used to standing by the throne gates with the others and allowing no one in unless god allowed them.

Then shit hit the fan. Angels turned on angels, I didn't know why. They had their grace taken away and they ended up on Earth, battling demons and themselves. Castiel was gone and Metatron was slowly but surely misleading angels. Not the Seraphim's, oh no, we stayed out if that and devised a plan. Loyal to our occupations as the Guardians of Gods throne, we each took a piece of the throne gate and went to isolated parts of the world.

I settled in a large field of blue flowers somewhere in the US. I created a small church with cherry trees on either side. That's what the older Seraphim's had told me to do. Make a church in an isolated area, placing the piece of the throne gate on a pedestal and guarding it with my life. See without the throne gate, no one could get into the throne room. If they managed to secure one piece of the gate, they'd be able to get in. So here I was, alone and bored, waiting for the day a demon, human, or angel showed up.

I wander around the church, and stare at the mural I'd created. An image of myself in my fullest form while in my vessel. My wings stretched around and stopped above the door. Beneath my feet was a gold pedestal with rubies encrusted in it with a glowing piece of gold. The older Seraphim's took more than one piece but left me with this measly piece. I didn't really care, no one was going to show up here for a long time. Maybe after the apocalypse I could return to heaven. I mean, besides the few seconds long pop in checks from other Seraphim's, I was alone.

The only companion was a coyote who only came when he was hungry. He happened to be here right now and I sat watching him. Luckily, I no longer felt the pulls of sleep or hunger as strongly as I did when I was a human. Occasionally I drifted into a very short nap or had a small meal but other than that, I felt no need for those things. I toss a piece of meat I'd zapped up toward the coyote and watch him tear at it. "You know, I never gave you a name." I say.

The coyotes ears twitched but have no other signs of interest. I sigh. "How about Jo?" I say.

The coyote continued eating. "Jo it is." I sigh again and lean my head back. "Father when can I come back?"


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