The Reststop and the Seraphim

I've always been more of a lover than a fighter, but that didn't stop me from being a hunter. The need to keep other people safe from the monsters that could quite literally be under their beds drove me to where I am today. I am known for my extensive knowledge of demons and angels. I have become a place of solitude and peace for fellow hunters. My story isn't all that happy but I make the most of it.

It's all been downhill since Castiel fell. The angels have started fighting against the demons and more importantly, themselves. We the Seraphim, Guardians of Gods Throne, Angels of Light, Love, and Fire, have left heaven to protect Gods Throne in places far from Heaven. I am young, just a "fledgling" they call me, but I'm determined to prove them wrong.


1. The Rest Stop

My family travelled from Russia to the United States of America many centuries ago. They sought out a better life than the one they left. When my parents had me, centuries after my ancestors settled down, they were not at their best. Being hunters, they did not stay in one place for long, though they did have a base.

They named me Zhanna, meaning god is gracious. It may have been it was just a joke, or that they truly believed that God had been gracious to them. Either way, I think it's the first one. I am a hunter, but I'm more of a lover than a fighter. Which I learned the hard way and brought me to where I am today. My parents died when I was sixteen from a demon attack. They taught me everything they knew from werewolves to vampires to everything in between.

I've always been interested in demons and angels, which is why I have more knowledge on them than most. The Rest Stop, as the other hunters have nicknamed, is the place that I stay. I have a library in a built in room I made by myself. Demon traps and angel wards decorate almost every inch of my house. I sell hunters demon and angel blades, salt, lambs blood, spells, books, maps, anything a hunter would need.

I heal wounds and provide a place for them to sleep and food to fill them up. But ever since the war between angels and demons have started, they've been lining up for my knowledge. At the moment, no one is here, but that's fine. I've always like some peace and quiet. So here I sit, reading the bible and sipping coffee on my back porch. As I read, my phone goes off. I glance at it on the open spot on the swing beside me.My eyebrows raise.

"Unknown caller? Who could it be?" I sigh as I pick up. "Hello?"

"Hello? Is this Z-Zah..." There was a pause. "Zhanna?"

I smile. "Yes this is. Who is this?"

"Dean Winchester. I was hoping me and my brother would be able to stop by your, Rest Stop, and learn some things about an angel."

My eyes widen. "Dean Winchester? Never thought I would hear from you. It's alright for you to stop by unannounced Dean, that's the whole point of the Rest Stop." I say.

I hear Dean, or maybe his brother, cough and say something to one another. "Uh yeah, ok. Thanks we'll be there soon."

As he hung up and I shut off my phone, I giggle and shake my head, standing to prepare myself for the Winchesters. What could these big name hunters want with me?

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