Life is beautiful if you find love but what if that supposed 'love' comes with secrets , secrets that no one but only that person knows.Melody Rose is an diffident yet resolute girl .So what happens when a certain mysterious boy enters her life . He has this catastrophic aura around him . His past is always with him but at the same time it is not .She had different ambitions but her fate has other ploy as she falls for this guy .Everybody has secrets . Can Melody figure his secrets out . Will 'he' allow that or will she be left heartbroken .Questions are many but is someone willing to answer them . Only destiny knows.


3. Chapter -3

So , while he sulked looking out the window , I start making a list of novels that we can work on and that is how my last period passes .




School to some people , as they drastically like to say , is prison but I do not share their opinions  . It is rather fun to me , I like reading and I like writing just as much as I like other activities in my school  . Being able to learn something unknown everyday is quite an experience in itself , don't you think . Schools have always provided society with an endless amount of excellent people  , yes , I know , the most brilliant people were always slacking in schools and other educational institutes like Einstein and Jobs but for the more basic population , the one who are to work under  such brilliant people , school provide such a perfect platform to learn . Anyways , it is beside the point , as I was saying earlier , I do not find school boring , well to some extent at least , rather interesting but something is definitely wrong with me because I can't seem to concentrate on any subject , not one single mutha fudging subject .

I am not able to do anything . Not only school -wise but in everything for that matter , like I start reading a book but I have to re-read one sentence over and time because I am not able to understand it , my mind is always giving the impression of being too preoccupied to register anything . I have been thinking about what Zayn said . Ha ! I had started calling him Zayn instead of Mr. Malik now , even if it is only in my head . As I said , I have been thinking about Zayn's words from the class , yesterday onward . Actually , if to be honest , I have not been thinking about his words , I have been thinking about him . It is rather remarkable how he can pick out such an hidden detail about me . I mean my own friends believe that I am over the whole Louis episode . We shared some kind of history , it is not exactly history , but lets not get into too much detail here , it is kind of hard for me to visit the past , if you get my drift  .  I mean it is not like that I am stalking Louis or anything . His observation skill actually angered me , my own friends , the one with who I share all my little details , could't see beneath the surface , so how can he do it so easily , a person merely knowing me for what ... two days at top . 

Now I am sitting in my second period , physics , which I share with Zayn . I don't know how I feel right now but one thing I am absolutely sure that I have to do , is question Zayn , so yeah , I am waiting for him . Also Josh has practice today so he is excused from the class . Plus for me , now I won't have to answer his doubt filled questions . Zayn enters the room and I am just about to go slide into the seat next to his but I am glued to my seat as Mr.Grease enters the class , right after Zayn . Here goes my chance of talking with Zayn .

" Good morning class " , Mr. Grease bellows to all the students as he sits on his chair behind the table . Nobody replied to his words , wondering why , well , he gave detention to whole class on first day for doing so . This man doesn't like to be replied to I guess .

" So , before anything else , let me tell you your partners ... oh and after the project submission , a presentation is to be done on your behalf so that I know that both the partners have worked on the project . "

" Melanie and Raphael "

" Nina and Blaze .... " , Mr. Grease keeps on calling out partner's name and people start to move so as to sit next to their announced partners . I just hope I get partnered with Josh . He is my friend and would definitely do some work , not to mention he is a brilliant student but the main reason is that he is my friend .

" Melody and ...... " Mr.Grease speaks and I am instantly attentive to hear what he is going to say next . It seems that silence is very long and keeps dragging until absolute end-point , which is endless to me and makes me quite restless .

" ..... Zayn " , Mr.Grease finishes his sentence and I breath out , relieved from the new information but the relief only lasts for a second when I realize what he has spoken . Did he just say Zayn ? But that is not Josh . Of-course , it's not Josh . Oh yeah , one little thing about Mr.Grease is that he makes worst pairings , Melanie and Raphael absolutely hate each other for some or other reason  and Nina and Blaze .... well they are exes , they ended things because of infidelity of Blaze , you can only imagine what I am saying ... so why did he pair me with Zayn ? Because I don't hate anybody . Really , seriously , I do not hate anyone in this class , so may be he paired me with Zayn because we are both neutral territories ... you know since he is new and all . I was all for going and getting answers for him but now it is like I have been glued to my seat and to top that off , whole class is staring at me like I am a clown in a circus , their vision fixated onto me . Mr. Grease just keeps reading the list in oblivion and that is what takes my peer's attention away from me . It doesn't look like Zayn is going to make the move of coming to my seat , so the only option is to go to him .

" Hey .. " , I say to him , a little breathless .

" Hey " , he replies in that husky tone of his and turns away , looking straight-ahead again . I frown ... I haven't forgotten yesterday , remind you that . Before I can say something to Zayn , Mr. Grease's voice breaks my bubble of thoughts .

" Josh and Lydia "

Oh . God .

Remember how I told you that Mr.Grease always makes worst pairings , yeah , looks like he have out-played himself this time . Josh and Lydia , these words sound wrong pronounced together in a sentence . They both can't stand each other , period . I don't know the reason behind their hatred for each other and quite frankly , I don't want to because coming between the two of them will only make me feel their wrath . Thank God , Josh isn't here today or else there would be some serious glaring contest going in the class right now   but now I am on the receiving end of Lydia's glares . I squirm under the force of it , it is that intense . Zayn notices my obvious discomfort and looks for the cause of it . Oh , about that glaring contest , it still is happening , even in the absence of Josh , between Zayn and Lydia . She gives up after only few seconds and I am surprised . Don't take me wrong , I personally think Lydia is a nice girl , when Josh isn't around , but she can be quite an intimidating when she wants to . She had backed down from killing me with her eyes , and ... I am utterly surprised , well , Zayn does have whole persona of bad boy , that can unnerve anyone . I turn to thank him but am startled as his eyes are already trained on me .

" Thanks ? " , I say in more of a questioning tone rather than grateful .

" No problem " , he says after a deep chuckle with a smile on his face .

" So , is there any specific topic you want to work on ? " , he asks after a moment of silence .I keep staring at him , dumbfounded . Just yesterday , he was being this .. rude boy and now he is acting like we have been buddies for life ... something is wrong with this boy ...  is he bi-polar , because if not , he sure is acting like one .

" Yeah ... uh .. what ?" , I ask , forgetting what he had asked .

" You have any certain topic you want to work on ? " , he asks slowly as if talking to a deaf person . I make a face , frowning a little but drop it quickly because he is being polite today .

"How about Thermodynamics" , I suggest .

"No , it would be too technical , not to mention that we would also need to make a model for that " , he says after thinking a bit .



I see that nobody is sharing lunch period with me today , I was saying it with context to my friend circle , just so you know and that excludes Zayn . I am not sure if we are friends or not , certainly we have talked and chatted but that does not make us friends , now does it ... exactly . That is why I was skeptical to sit on our usual table because Zayn was the only person occupying it but I feel a little relieved when he looks up and smiles at me . I sat down with a smile on my face . No words of greetings were exchanged between us , we were just ...content ... yes , content would be the right word . We did not need to say anything because we both were lost in our own worlds , yeah , although my thought process was only revolving around a certain boy , sitting across from me , munching on his food , looking deep in thought with change of expressions , every few seconds , on his face . I was observing him , in a borderline-creepy way , thank God he wasn't paying any attention whatsoever to his surroundings or else I would have been busted the moment I sat down . His expressions changed as he thought something and I watched with fascination , a frown appearing and his jaw clenching ever so subtly then in a blink , he had a boyish grin on his face . He looked up at me with that boyish grin and my cheeks soared with heat . Shit ! Busted ! He knew I was staring at him for this long and he did not even say a word , oh God , the humiliation . As I looked at him , his facial expression still held smile but not that all-knowing-smile , like he wasn't aware of my staring . Well then , lets get out of here before he suspects a thing . I gave him a short nod to which he replied with one of his own , a little confused though , at my sudden plan of exit , I was out before he can ask a single question . Call me wuss or some other absurd word but I would like to keep up my .... thoughts to myself . Zayn and I only were at beginning of a friendship and I would not like that to be ruined . We do have to word together on two projects after all .


Rest of the day is spent in the usual manner , I was not restless and fidgety like before , at least today . I shared some classes with my friends . Kendra was talking , more like rambling, non-stop about a boy she was crushing on currently and how she was going to confess to him , in the period right after my lunch . I would say I feel like a horrible friend for not paying attention to her or something along those lines but that would be a complete whit lie . Thing is , she is always crushing on some guy or other , a new every week , although she had her fair shares of relationship , she still acts like when a girl accepts a valentine for first time in a kindergarten . Don't get me wrong , she is not like all the other cheerleaders , who had done X-rated stuff with almost every male in this school but you know what a certain company can do to a person , even if she is a good-girl like Kendra . All the while she was talking , I was thinking about only one person and you wouldn't need a genius to know whom am I pointing at here . In the physics class , we had discussed different topics , so as to see which would make a perfect one to work on . I was quite impressed by his knowledge of the subject , who knew Mr. I'm so hot ,girl drool over me-Malik   would be interested in any minuscule thing related to academics , then again , you should not judge a book by it's cover .

I am in the last period now , which I have with Zayn but the guy is nowhere to be seen and the second bell is just about to ring . Mr.Loredo like always , is on time and he had taken roll-call and Zayn is still nowhere in and around classroom . Mr. Loredo , today , is starting a new chapter with I don't know what title , my mind is too busy to focus , I have read every chapter anyway , so yeah , my grades are not around danger here . Why is Zayn missing this class . Please don't let him be ill or .... please don't let him do drugs . I am too busy in own thoughts to realize that the bell have already rung signalizing the end of the day and the class is practically empty as I collect my stuff to put into bag . A plan quickly forms in my mind ... may be Zayn is still in the school premises and I could find him before he does ... takes drugs or something like that . I quickly run to places where I think he will be . I have finished all most all of the school , leaving basement and such places , and , I am out of breath now , he is still a lost cause , in literal sense . Losing hope and shrugging , I make my way towards the front doors of the school . It is not like I have feelings for him or something and I am in no way his mother and I wasn't going to stop him from doing whatever he wants , may be give advice but that is the limit . We were supposed to discuss the arrangements for doing projects in this last class I have just attended but the jerk just had to go missing .

I was too deep in my own little world to realize that school was half-empty till I reached the front ground of my school . People were scattered here and there , talking and what not , not one of my friends were in sight . I was able to spot on particular person though , the one I was searching just before , he was busy in talk with two people , one lady and a man . Zayn and the man had similar features but not similar enough to be considered man and child , may be his uncle or something along these lines . They were talking enthusiastically and Zayn would even smile a little here and there . Remembering that he had actually talked to me , in a civilized manner , it did not come with a lot of surprise to me that he still was in good mood . I realized that I had been standing still and just staring at them talking when the lady's moving gaze settled on me . I should have averted my eyes from them , I know that , and I would have done just exactly that if only my eyes would have allowed me so . The man and Zayn followed their accompanying lady's gaze on me and looked what had averted her attention from their chat . Zayn probably didn't like my sudden appearance because the smile he was displaying so proudly , even though little , fell straight from his face once he saw me . The lady said something making a hint of red occur on his cheeks and it was quite an exquisite sight , after all , it is rare to see a bad-boy like Zayn to blush . The man patted him and the lady pinched his left cheek , okay ... it is turning more weird with every passing second  . Why am I still standing here , you ask ? Well , you know , I was actually meaning to talk to him before he did the whole thing of ditching the English and me . So , yeah , I was waiting for his acquaintances to go before I advance towards him . After few minutes of talking , which appeared to be on a serious note to me because of their expressions , the lady motioned for  me to come to them by curling her in and repeating the action quite some time .

" We will see you soon ", I hear the lady say as she turns to follow her , what I assume is her husband , who is just starting to reach car parking. Just at the last moment , the lady turns her head to look at me and Zayn , does a little wave as 'bye' and .... winks at me ? Okay ... does adults do that kind of things , oh wait , don't answer that question ! I look at Zayn , unsure of what to say , I mean , I technically know what I was here for but seeing that he was busy makes me a little guilty , for all I know , they could be here telling him about someone ill in their family ! That would be really sad to know and I feel like such an intruder right now .

" Uh , Zayn ...", I start but struggle to continue the sentence because I feel like an idiot for searching him throughout the school when he clearly had important matters on his hand . He waited for me to finish the sentence with an eye-brow raised , looking at me intensely . Searching for words in my mind , I could not come up with anything so I just huffed out a breath . I thought that he would at least smile at my failed attempt of coming up with an coherent word to complete my sentence but he just looked tensed and annoyed .

" When do we start our project ? " , I ask him in a meek voice , from his expressions it was clear that he wanted to be anywhere but here , standing and listening to me but he answers to me anyway .

" You okay with starting it today ? " , he asks but starts walking towards "car parking" without waiting for my reply , I guess I will just have to follow him in order to continue our conversation or rather just play by his words and start working on our project today .


The car ride to his house was silent , almost over-bearing to me at times but he looked unaffected by the tension in the air surrounding us . He looks just as upset as when we had left the school , it does not make sense to me .... can someone really be this angry because of an simple interruption in a conversation  , it looks odd to me , I mean , I really did not mean to interfere but the lady called onto me , I had no idea how be to not rude and let them still continue on to their business. Although the drive was not very long , it still was not .. how could I say this ..pleasant .

Parking the car , Zayn opened the door for me and I was surprised , I clearly did not take him as a gentlemen , not to be judgmental or anything but you got my point across . He leads the way to his front door and I follow him , the time I reach the door , he is already inside and not waiting for me , is not he supposed to wait for me ? Well okay ...

Inside of the house was furnished , to sat the least , beautifully . Although the house had some decorations , the ones that could be classified as personal , like pictures and stuff , it still lacked the warmth that one would experience in a home . The house just fitted perfectly with Zayn's personality , superficially gorgeous but lacking the warmth , pretty on the surface and cold on the inside .This house and Zayn are deficient of one thing , that is being affability . Before I can fixtae more on his coldness and this house sharing the same , Zayn came out of ... somewhere and asked me to follow him to his living room . Wonder why I said "his living room " rather than the living room ,  well , because, as I said before , this house is at loss of warmth , and that would not be the case if he was living with his family .. with someone . Why is he living alone that is the question swirling in my mind but I know better than to ask him such a mind buzzing question when he already is so tense and anyways it is none of my business .

The next hour or so we debated on which novel to work on and decided that right now we should rather work on Physics project as we keep having fights which novel to work on . I want to make a piece on classical novel whereas he wants some modern novel to work on , I am quite impressed actually to be honest , who would have thought that Mr. Bad Boy would be into literature . So as we sat working on the project , on hours at the end , I did not knew when dusk approached and neither about the almost thunderstorm going outside .

" Do you want anything ? ", Zayn asks me as he stands up from the sofa we both were sat on .

"Sure , water or juice maybe ? ", I answer . He nods and goes towards the kitchen . I do not think anything of the my action thinking he is probably over the whole fiasco from earlier on and move to the wall where there are lots of family pictures hung. Many pictures were there of Zayn with his , what I assume , were his parents and some with him as boy and his other friends . Hmm .. the boys in the pictures are almost recognizable , like I know them but I can not quite remember who they are , oh well . There is one picture that stands out , although not very old , this picture looks from another lifetime as in the photo , Zayn is smiling , and a true one that and it is breathtaking honestly , the boy in the photo looks so full of life , ready for it . I wonder what happened that could have turned that energetic , warm boy into this cold -hearted , rude version of him .

"What are you doing ? ", Zayn's sudden entrance startles me and I whip around to find him more near to me than expected , he is directly behind me !

" N..nh .. nothing " , I answer him shakily and even add an nervous laugh in the end to cover up , which is  total fail .

" Are you stupid ! " , he suddenly snaps and flinch at the intensity of his voice and unforeseen change of attitude .

"S..sorry ... " , I answer him .

"Don't you have manners ? " , he questions in a haunting voice and I shiver upon hearing it .

"I'm sorry .."

"You do know what personal space means , huh ? " , he seethes and this is the point where I have had enough , what is so bad about looking at some pictures anyway !

"Sorry ! I am sorry ! " , I exclaim , my voice touching higher octaves . He shut his mouth in a moment and him and me , we both are stunned at me sudden ..action .

"Look , I'm sorry , I did not mean to intrude or anything , o.k. " , I say to him , looking him dead in the eye . He loses his tense posture and exhales heavily quite a few times .

"Get out of my house " he says calmly ,I can't help but have a double-take upon hearing his words . 

"Excuse me ? " , I question him , confused .

"Get.Out. " he says in a voice that I know he is anything but serious . I know it will be futile to try and reason so I just nod and go over table to pack my stuff . Without glancing back , I make my way towards front door and without any acknowledgement to Zayn I slip out , it is not like he tried to stop me or anything .

Outside a thunderstorm is brewing and although it is only 6 in the evening , all the surrounding environment is pitch black , and nothing can be seen , all the while rain is pouring down like hell . There is no way in hell I can walk ten centimeters in this weather , let alone walk to home , which I don't even know way from here and there is no way I am calling out anybody to risk their lives . I glance back at door as I am standing just at the edge of the porch , just above the steps and wind is making my hair go crazy , surely I can't go somewhere form here and I have no doubt that Zayn does not want to see me as he had thrown me out just minutes ago . Luckily , there are few chairs on the porch and I take a seat on one of them .

It could have been a while , like minutes or may be hours , there is nothing from which I can tell , the weather is just as same as before and my surroundings are still pitch-black . I had fallen asleep on the chair but now a sound had woke me up from my slumber . I blink my eyes and realize that it was closing and opening of door that woke me up ...from Zayn . He looks surprised to see me and confused too , why would I stay here rather than going back to my house . I guess he had not realized that a heavy-downpour is in action , otherwise he would not be standing here , outside his house I mean .

"What are you doing here ? " , he asks squinting his eyes so as to properly see me , only one lighten up bulb doing little to diminish the black around us . Before I can answer , a harsh wind comes and knocks down other chairs on the porch and I signal him to see the obvious , I am sure this chair would have fallen off too , had it not been for me sitting on it . His eyes widen in realization as he now notices the weather around us . He comes at me at hurriedly and back up a little , startled at his action but before I can even ask what he is up to , he is already ushering me inside  .

"Uh.. make yourself at home " , he says , scratching his head a little . I frown at him , yes , I get the part about making myself at home because I know it is not acceptable to go out at this time of thunders .

"Wait , where are you going ?" , I ask him frowning because if going out at this is not acceptable for me then it is not acceptable for him either.

"I have some work to take care of .. I'll be back soon .. yeah ..uh " , he says to me and is out of my sight before I can protest against his actions of stupidity .

I have delayed the update so long ... I feel horrible ..seriously . I am sorry and also ... is this story absurd in some sort of way because I am not getting much feedback on this story .. so yeah .
The supposed feud between 5SOS and 1D ... seriously , I am so off-track with what is going on in the world as of right now ! Do tell me what happened between the two band .


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