Life is beautiful if you find love but what if that supposed 'love' comes with secrets , secrets that no one but only that person knows.Melody Rose is an diffident yet resolute girl .So what happens when a certain mysterious boy enters her life . He has this catastrophic aura around him . His past is always with him but at the same time it is not .She had different ambitions but her fate has other ploy as she falls for this guy .Everybody has secrets . Can Melody figure his secrets out . Will 'he' allow that or will she be left heartbroken .Questions are many but is someone willing to answer them . Only destiny knows.


2. Chapter -2

 I glance at this new face in school , only to see he is peacefully watching out the window and with that I'm out of this place .
  For some unknown reason , I can't keep him out of my mind . Yes , being silent is artistic and all bad boyish , adding to his aura but there is something else , I don't know why , but I want to figure out this unknown thing . He is the only passenger in my train of thoughts from yesterday on and I think he won't be disembarking it anytime soon since everybody in the school seem to be talking about him , only adding to my misery . I tried to avoid the thoughts of him from entering my mind but the thing is , he is very intriguing , at least that is what it felt like to me or may be he just likes being the center of attention , with the whole brooding and sulking in the corner act , he is bound to get noticed . Oh sorry , I was talking about new addition to this dull -witted filled  school , even all the nerdy students are gossiping about him and it is getting on my nerves . Yesterday . while we were hanging out, all my friends talked about is him and how I left his company , courtesy Kendra . Even today ,everybody is talking about him only , I haven't seen him anywhere till now and it is currently second period , may be he left the school - seeing all the commotion about him , I snorted mentally , as if , these jerks enjoy every and any ounce of attention they get .

Physics , yes , that is my second period and unlike yesterdays' last period , I am not late . Slipping into the door , I made my way towards my usual seat but I was so lost in thoughts that I did not see someone in front of me , so .. I bumped into them ....or rather , bumped into him would be appropriate , seeing how he is a boy . The boy turned around and I could not help but be surprised a little .  Mr. Malik ...... how convenient , I was just thinking about him and now I bumped into him , fantastic ! He gave me a irritated expression and my face mirrored his , boy , I was not a fan of bumping into someone , I'm far from it , if anything .  His expressions turned into one of absolute annoyance and I for a fact know that I had same expression . Thankfully , I had not lost any of my possesion , so I stepped around him and continued my short journey to my bench . 

" Hey " , I said sitting down next to Josh .

" Hi " , he replied with an sparkling smile , his straight-white teeth on display . Josh is amazingly handsome with his shaggy blonde hair and emerald eyes , he is in football team , Jacks' team-mate and a nerd. We hit it off good from the starting , our love for studies might be an fundamental reason for it He joined this school in the starting of high-school and now we are best-friends .

" So , you heard about the new guy huh ? " , he asks , discreetly looking at Malik , sat directly across us . Just so you know , both the guys from our little school circle i.e. Jack and Josh did not hung out with us yesterday , they had football practice , so they doesn't know about me giving the new guy a supposed tour . 

" Yeah " , I replied , my eyes trained on Malik's back and hands taking out required necessities on their own accord .

" Pretty good looking , yeah " , it is not a question , he is trying to state something ... something that I understand oh so perfectly . 

" Meh , hot or not , you know , I'm not taking a shot " , I said to him . 

 Holy Shit ! 

We both start cracking up at what I had just said .

" Dude ...Oh God ... that is so funny " , Josh said , gasping in between his laughter .

" I totally agree " , I said in between my own laughter .

" Hot or not , I'm not taking the shot .. " , Josh started singing in the rapper like tune as if it is a rap . 

" Staph .. Oh .. God " , I said to him , my eyes are closed and I'm pretty darn sure that tears are leaking from both his and my eyes . We sober up immediately as Mr. Grease entered the room in all his intimidating glory . He is probably the most strict teacher in our school and his tolerance to nonsense , as he likes to call it , is nil , so we both know better than to not shut up . Nobody enjoy this period , not even a nerd like me , thus the class drags as long as it can and finally when the bell is about to ring , Mr. Grease decide it is the perfect time to torture us .

" So , you have to make a project ......" , silence , nobody dares to groan or even make a sound as he says 'project' , we all are practically holding our breathes . Mr. Grease every year gives one major project you see and all the other assignments are itsy bitsy work and the grading standard he had set for his projects are very high , we have heard that last year , the most a student could achieve was a C , you can imagine how important this is to his students now . 

" It will be a partner project ... " , like typical teenage students , everybody looks at their best friend first thing as we hear the word ' partner ' , in case anybody snatches them up before us . I am looking at Josh and he is grinning back at me ..... who will be Maliks' partner ,after all he is new here , I feel sorry for him ...hold-up  .. he is hot so a shitload of girls will want to be his partner . Wait ......why am I thinking about him or who will be his partner ? 

" But ... " Mr.Grease continues , taking no notice of his students' action or may be he is simply ignoring it . I can see it on everybody's' face , we all are tempted to protest , why must there be a but  ...... but we cannot do that , we will simply have to endure this torture . 

" I am going to assign you your partners and tomorrow we will discuss further details about it " and with that bell rings , signaling the end of the period . With a heavy sigh , from every students' mouth , we start emptying the  class . This is going to be a long day                                                                                                            


Heading to the cafeteria , I was beyond any point of annoyance I have ever reached . Let me elaborate a little , I could not concentrate today , at all , in any freaking class and it was getting on my nerves ! Especially chemistry , it was like I was there and listening but at the same I was not and chemistry is my favorite subject . I could not hear any damn thing they were saying , like I could hear their words and voices but my mind was not registering , it was in its own little world , frolicking with thoughts of someone . The day had been the most boring day of my life and I am not even exaggerating ! Hopefully my friends will cheer me up , now to find them them . I was holding my food and was looking around the cafeteria when I voice snapped me out of my daze like looking .

" Come here Daisy " , Josh said from somewhere and I turned to find the direction from which he had spoken . I found him and waved a little so he could know I've heard him .

" Hey " , I said while sitting myself down between Josh and Jack , I never understood how their names begin with same letter , it is freaky !

" What's up with you " , Josh said with a frown but leaned down to peck me none the less , on my left cheek . Jack was going to do the same but I swatted him away .

" Eat your food Jackass , not me " , I said and everyone at the table burst out laughing , stupid boys . Jack had food in his mouth , what else am I supposed to do , let him slobber me with his food , no way . I looked around the table and was not surprised to see most of the football team with us . Looks like they have free period today ... ah , there is another person here today too , infamous for his hotness , Mr. Malik  , who had a ghost of smile on his face from , what I assume is, my previous words . Unlike a new student , he fitted very well , was very comfortable with people around him . All the boys , not including Jack and Josh , looked more happier in the presence of Malik , like he was a missing part form their group . Okay ...... anyway .. so , let me introduce to the said group , there's Harry , who is bad boy aka player of our school , Niall is our cute blonde foodie/ comedian . Liam is all-achiever guy with pretty boy appearance and  Louis is everybody's favorite with his boyish charms and sassy remarks .

Sarah was sitting on other side of Josh and was doing some work  . I would say hello or some other type of greeting but it would not be a wise decision considering I valued my life . See , here is the thing , Sarah is very , very compassionate about her work and she once kicked Jack in the nuts because he was disturbing her , suffice to say , nobody dared to disturb her after the incident .

" Listen up everyone ... " , everybody perked up at sound of Harry's voice , especially Sarah , lets just say , she have a little crush on Harry , like a big little crush .

" Meet Zayn " ,  Harry continued and patted Malik on his back , who was sitting just beside Harry . He gave a appealing smile as Harry finished his words and everybody politely smiled back , minus me . I am all too familiar with his smile now and also with the fact that is fake . I can tell something is off with him and so does his pals , who notice his fake smile and frown a little , but nobody points it out . Everybody is introducing themselves to him and Sarah is more than happy when Harry does the work for her , this girl is so whipped ! I would have done it too , introduce myself to him you know but I simply did not want to do that , he was rude to me after all .

Jack nudged me , so I turned towards him and looked at him expectantly .

" Are you o.k. " , he asked once he was sure that he held my full attention . I frowned at his words . May be unconsciously I had started talking about my master-plan of conquering the world through coconut .. uh .. highly unlikely .

" Yes , I am fine " , I answered with a bit of hesitation , confusion visible in my words .

" You seem out of it today " , he said , framing my face in his hands and turned it sideways as if inspecting me . I sat awestruck , sometimes my friends just amaze and weird me out at the same time . I let him do his inspection , he dropped his hands when he was done and frowned .

" You look o.k. ? " , he questioned rather than saying , like he wasn't sure of it himself.

" I'm fine Jack , perfectly healthy " , I said and that was the end of it as I started munching on my food .

Everybody was making small talk and were eating their food in peace and that includes me . I for some unknown reason kept glancing at Malik , cautiously of course . He had a passive face on but whenever someone turned to talk to him , he would plaster a smile , which I know is fake , and would talk to that person animatedly . I don't like fake people , I guess nobody does but he was not the bitchy fake , it was like he did not want to be fake but had to do it as if he does not have a choice , whatever , it was still getting on my nerves though . Talking about fake people  , here comes Lisa aka queen bitch of this school . She makes herself at home on ... Louis's lap and he welcomes her with open arms , seriously what is wrong with the people in this school  .

" Hi guys " , she says in that high pitched voice of hers , to which I can't help but cringe  , most people on the table following suit .

" Cough bitch cough " , Harry says oh not-so discreetly which earns him chuckles from most of the table , high-five from Josh and glares from both Lisa and Louis . I smirk at his words , glad to know that I'm not the only one with such high opinion of Lisa  . Everybody goes back whatever they were doing before the , not much appreciated , sudden entrance of Lisa .

I was just looking around when my gaze fixes on Louis making out with Lisa , wasn't very hard though , they were just sitting parallel to me . I glare at them or rather her , from under my lashes , but since I can't tolerate the sight , I turn away and my sight settle's on Malik . He was already staring at me though , .....okay , what ? I keep looking at him and frown , what's the deal with him , usually when a person is caught red handed , staring at someone , they look away ..don't they ? We keep staring at each other for sometime but finally I am the one to look away first since I can't handle the intensity of his emotion-void eyes .

I lay my head on Josh's shoulder and he looks down at me .

" What's up with you sweet-pea ? " , he asks with a sheepish smile that was certainly not fake , God know what I would have done if I see one more person giving fake smiles .

" Chocolate " , I mumble and close my eyes , getting comfortable on his shoulder .

" Jack get her chocolate " , Josh all but shouts at Jack and I cringe at volume of his voice . Why must all boys be so loud . Wait .. not all boys are loud and I myself personally prefer quiet ones , much like Malik  , why did I think about him just now , it is getting borderline creepy now , my mind needs to shut down for sometime .

" Why me " Jack whines and I cringe again . They all just need to shut their mouth up , like asap .

" Because she is laying on my shoulder " , Josh said , pronouncing each word slowly as if talking to a child and putting special emphasizes on the word 'my' . I am thankful , that for once , intensity of his voice is not annoying . Jack looks at me expectantly but I just shrug in response , don't expect anything from me dude . With a huff  , he stands up to bring me my dear chocolate and I smile , my friends are so cute and caring .

" So , is it your lady time of the month ? " Josh asks casually and I'm from his shoulder in an instant . With horrified expression I look around the table to see if anyone have heard Josh but I'm glad to see that pretty much everyone is busy in their own conversations.

" What did you say " , I question him while giving him a stink eye , even though I already know the answer .

" You know , the time when girls get worked up on everything because mother nature is visiting them " , he answers while wiggling his eyebrows and my face obviously is red now , if not from embarrassment , than from anger.

" Shut up , you ass " , I say and whack him on the back of his head .

" Ouch , that hurt "

" Yeah , serves you right "

" Here's your choc......" , I'm out of the cafeteria even before Jack can finish his sentence with chocolate in my hand , whereas Josh is doubled up from laughter . Oh , he is going to get it later .


The classes after the recess were same as before it , actually , they were more boring  . I couldn't understand any word they were saying , more like I didn't want to but whatever , I was looking forward to this last class , English ...for some weird , unknown reason . Unlike yesterday , I wasn't late today and all the usual were going , planes flying , people chattering , you get the picture . Malik , in his true artistic way , was sitting silently and watching out the window , he didn't fit here , in this noisy environment but in a weird way he did , it's confusing really . I made my way towards my seat and slid in , but today , without any greeting put forward to Malik . He turned towards me , probably noticing movement around him and frowned . Ha ! I'm not going to entertain you and be polite if you are being a jerk to me , in your face Malik !

" So , like I told you yesterday , you all have to work on a project . In the first part , you and your partner have to make an report on a novel of your choice " , Mr. Loredo speaks after settling down in his chair . I glance at Malik , only to see he was already staring at me . I was startled but did not make a comment on his actions and simply turned to Mr. Loredo .

" As for the second part , it will be a play of my choice that you all will have to work on but the work on play would not start until first part of this project is completed . You are free to do whatever you want now , just don't make too much noise " , Mr. Loredo ends and starts working on some files . Chattering among students start just as Mr. Loredo stops speaking , probably talking about project with their partners . I look at  my partner but this time , his gaze is fixed outside and not on me .

" So , what novel do you want to work on ? " , I question , I had to start somewhere , duh , and I would have to also take his preference in concern .

" You like Louis " , he said and it was a statement . I looked at him baffled , completely caught off-guard .

" W .. what ? " , I ask him in shock .

" You like him , don't you ? " , he asks , still holding onto his statement earlier .

" It is off topic " , I state , once I recover from my shock , in a tone that left no place for argument . Truth is , I do like Louis or used to but things happen and people change and I guess , I did too . I try speaking with him again throughout the class but my attempts turned out  futile every time I try , we can discuss about it later again , I wasn't in the mood to talk either . So , while he sulked looking out the window , I start making a list of novels that we can work on and that is how my last period passes .




Sorry , just sorry , I don't even know what I'm saying sorry for but still I'm sorry , forgive me please .

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