Life is beautiful if you find love but what if that supposed 'love' comes with secrets , secrets that no one but only that person knows.Melody Rose is an diffident yet resolute girl .So what happens when a certain mysterious boy enters her life . He has this catastrophic aura around him . His past is always with him but at the same time it is not .She had different ambitions but her fate has other ploy as she falls for this guy .Everybody has secrets . Can Melody figure his secrets out . Will 'he' allow that or will she be left heartbroken .Questions are many but is someone willing to answer them . Only destiny knows.


1. Chapter -1

Rushing through the hallways , I was already late for my class when an announcement made my steps halter . 
''Melody Rose please report to office immediately , thank you.  All other students please continue to their classes.  '' 
Melody Rose...  it sounds familiar ?
yeah, because ..  its you stupid.  
Office is on whole different side of this building,  completely opposite to where I'm ' supposed ' to go . Well ,at least now I will have a legitimate reason to be late . I started power walking to where the office is , I would have jogged or even run to the office but I did not because one , floor might be wet on some places , I had seen it being mopped just moments ago , and second , I was in no hurry to get there what so ever . I reached the place shortly afterwards , seeing that the hallways were not hogged by students , and the secretary motioned for me to continue to Principals' office . I nodded and went to knock on the door of his office .

" Come in " , Mr. Smith spoke from other end .

I turned the knob and slipped in , closing the door behind me in the process . Mr. Smith was sat on his usual leather chair behind the mahogany table ,typical principal but that is not what grabbed my attention . There was guy sitting opposite to Mr.Smith with his back to me . His hair was raven black in colour and so was his attire , i.e. , his whole outfit was filled with black pieces , which told me that he is one of those bad boys . Oh God , I do not wish to tutor some stupid boy , I have far better things to do and the last time I tried something like this .. I don't even want to remember that time . I was going to speak up in protest to Mr. Smith but decided against as my assumption may or may not be true .

" Ms. Rose , meet Mr. Malik ....." , the stranger turned his head look back , at me and I felt like I was looking at a model . This guy , Mr. Malik , gave me an endearing smile to which I replied with an awkward smile of mine ........ I was dazzled by his smile .

" ... he is new here , so I would like you to give him a tour of school and help him with his schedule "

I was so absorbed in this strangers' beauty , that for a moment , I forgot Mr. Smith was also here , in the same room with me and this guy .

" Uh .. sure sir " , I spoke up once I had somewhat recovered from my daze .

" Oh ... and Mr. Malik , meet Ms. Rose , the prodigy of mine , an perfect A student " 

I have never felt more embarrassed in my life . I blushed at his words , it is true , I am a good student but that does not mean Mr.Smith could go around , yelling it through a loudspeaker . I do not like it when someone praises me like this , especially in front of fellow students , now he must think that I am a dork , which I am but still , what a great first impression ! Mr. Malik ,  he gave me a smirk at Mr . Smiths' comment and I could not help but blush more , thanks Mr. Smith !

" I think both of you should get going now ... " , Mr. Smith spoke as other two people in this room , i.e. me and Mr. Malik were stuck in our positions like statues . I gripped the door knob , turned it and stepped outside but left the door ajar so that Mr . Malik could come out too . Mr . Malik . goddamn it , can't just Mr.Smith tell me his first name , Mr. Smith have this annoying habit of always calling everyone with their last names , I am telling you , this man have a seriously weird obsession with them , it is not healthy ! 

This guy came out of Mr.Smiths' office shortly afterwards and we started walking beside each other in silence . 

" So ........" , I started saying , the silence that was following us was not awkward but it was not pleasant either .

" Hey listen , it was nice to meet you and all but I don't need your help " , he said , his voice was smooth but his tone and words were rude , very rude. Before I can object or even say anything for that matter , he was out of my sight . I shrugged , whatever , his type of boys are always rude jerks and of course he will run from a nerd.  I was not hurt by his actions or words but I have a habit of finishing what I started , so I could not bring my self to attend my current class , instead I went to sit in library , I will just finish the book I am reading these days , I haven't been able to read it for quite some time now. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         *             *              *

" Hey , where were you in the 3rd period ? " , my best friend asks , sitting down next to me on our table . Right now , we were in cafeteria and it was recess period , at least for me. I shrugged in response , it does not really matter where I was or what I was doing .

" You know there is this hot new guy in our 3rd period " , my best friend said . I nodded for her to continue , I could have used words but I kept my silence , you see I am the quiet one and she is , quite disturbingly , the bubbly one , she is a cheerleader and I am a proud nerd . People don't understand our friendship and quite frankly , neither do we but sometimes you just have to enjoy rather than understanding a thing . Wow , I went deep there ... uh .. I remember Mr. Malik   , the new jerk addition to already jerk filled school , wonderful !

" Who , Malik ? " , I questioned her , there can be another hot new guy in the school , who probably might not be as big of a jerk as Mr.Malik is .  Uh ...wishful thinking darling .

" Yeah , how did you know ? " , she asks me , suspiciously eyeing me up and down as if I am carrying out a Mars mission from the school basement .  I shrugged and replied ,

" Mr.Smith asked me to show him around school " .

" But you were not there with him ? " , she asks , a little confused now .

He said he does not need my help , so .. " , before I can continue , she interrupted me .

" So you just let him leave , just like this " , she said , with a shocked expression on his face .

" Yeah... " , I said , now a little confused , where is she getting to ?

" Are you stupid , why would you do that " , she said . I do not know how to respond to this , I am really really confused right now , so I just made an twisted expression-ed  face with awkward smile on my face .

" What I am trying to say is that you could have introduced me to him " , she explained to me upon clearly seeing confusion on my face while doing a little nod and hand movements people always seem to do while explaining . I snorted at her words .

" Yeah right , I don't even know his first name and you expect me to introduce him to you " , I said while shaking my head a little .

" What do you mean ? " , she asked , being the confused one now .

" Mr.Smith . " , and that is all I needed to say .

" Ah , Mr. Smith " , she said , now understanding my point .

" Yup " , I replied popping the 'p' in the end and nodding my head .

" I am telling you , he should see a doctor or something  " , I nodded my head at her comment and continued eating my food . 

" Tell me about it " , I would have been fine even if he only gave me the first letter of his name , but no , him and his obsessions. 

" Hey , what did she actually taught today anyway ? " , I questioned her , inner dork coming after realizing that I had missed a class .

" She was talking something about integration or something like this .... " , I nodded for her to continue and also because I understood what she was saying .

" I can't be so sure though , no one was actually paying attention to Ms.Soto , girls were drooling over this new guy and the boys were trying to decode the secret behind his hotness " , she said with a dreamy look in her eyes . I looked at her with an incredulous look , okay , I get this guy was pretty good looking but drooling and trying to decode the secret of his hotness , I think that is taking it over the top . I sigh , 
  students of my school are so stupid , I am wondering what kind of day this , Mr. I'm so hot ,girl drool over me-Malik  , had been enduring till now , the thought is so funny , I almost laugh at that .

" Why are you sighing Rosie .. ? " , my best friend , Kendra , I know-what a exquisite name , asked me with a eyebrow raised . I kept my mouth shut because I know it is a trick question and I would end up digging a hole for me , if I answer it .

" Do not tell me that you don't find him hot " , she said rather than asking with a disbelieving look on her face . I gave her guilty smile with an shrug , I mean he is not all that hot , this school seriously have dimwits as students and secondly if I admitted that I do think he is hot then I will never hear end of it , believe my words .

" Oh my God ! " , she exclaimed and I did something that I had been doing on repeat today , I shrugged .

" Are you feeling okay ? " , she asked , knocking me on my head , checking if I was okay while looking at me like I had decided to become friends with mojo-jojo in the process . I swatted her hand away ,

" Hey , keep them to yourself okay , I am fine , I am definitely more fine than anybody else in this school "

" Yeah , like not thinking that a hottie is a hottie is good for you , you have issues my dear friend " , she said , while picking her bag and standing up . Her words were sarcasm dipped but I can sense a little bit of concern there . We had this talk so many times now that I can easily count it , words multiplied by 1 million only , yes , we do have done this talk for this many times . I know she is concerned because of my lack of interest in boys , but hey , it is not my fault , I blame Justin Bieber and literature why my standards for boys and romance is so high . Most boys these days want only one thing , I know that not all boys are douche bags hence the word most but still , I have seen enough of their dramas to make my lack of faith in them justified  .

" Hey there " , Jack said settling down beside me and giving me a kiss on cheek . He is my best friend , just so you know , we do not have anything going on , as the whole bloody school believes , as if .

" How was the practice ? " , I ask while taking a bite of my sandwich .  

" Meh , we did not do anything for sometime because coach was not in the mood and then suddenly bam , we have to run till the end of period " , he answers me and slams his hand flat on table for the emphasis on last part . I nod in understanding and no words leave my mouth for an audible answer but I know he does not mind that .

" So I guess she already left " , he said , talking about Kendra now . 

" Yeah , she had , I always wonder how you guys do this stuff ? " , I answered and mused over their working capabilities . You see , Jack is quarter-back in football and Kendra is second-in-command cheerleader . Jacks' practice takes up first half of my recess and Kendra takes off on second half , my other lovelies have classes at this time , I know - our schedule sucks but at least I am not sitting alone like a loser that I am . 

" Look who is talking " , sarcasm is dripping word by word from Jacks' mouth and I wonder why .

" What ? " , I ask , my friends never seem to be short on words to confuse my little brain .

" You are like .. I don't know , trophy-student of this school , I don't even know how you pull off half of your tasks " , he says explaining.

" Not really .." , I defend myself in a meek attempt .

" Uh-Ah , I know you better than that baby girl " , he says , shaking his head at me in disapproval of saying what I had just said . He may be telling the truth 
 but let me tell you one thing , he is exaggerating it to the top . I know I do a lot of work for school but that does not mean they are forcing me into it, I do those tasks because first , I like doing them and second ,  a little extra credit does not hurt anyone .

" Fine , whatever " , I huff , it is not like we haven't had this conversation enough times in the last two years . 

" Aw , don't be a wuss , I was joking " , he says making a pouty face and just like this I forgive him , damn these people , they know all my weaknesses .

" O.k. " , I say , not wanting to make a big fuss out of this . The thing is , they are always demeaning themselves , no they do not have any insecurities because of me , like cm-on , you cannot be insecure because of me , even if you try as hard as to climb mount Everest but they are always praising me and my work like I have won gold in Olympics or something , they make it look like I am doing all the work int he world , in being a nerd , but they do not know how big it is that they are football and cheer-leading teams . I know , I have seen the lingering looks people give them , I have seen the longing in their eyes to be in my place but I am lucky enough to have these superstars of my high-school as my best friends . We finish eating our lunch in silence and part ways after saying our good byes .
                                                                                            *                *              *

 Right now , I am running late for my English class and all I can do is run till I reach the classroom ,since I cam feel that the second bell is going to ring soon . Just as I enter the classroom , the second bell rings and I am glad that Kendra takes me running every Sunday morning . I start making my way towards my usual seat only to stop dead in my tracks . Sitting beside my seat is none other than 
Mr. I'm so hot ,girl drool over me-Malik  , I am used to sit alone , all on my own in this class . This is because of two reasons , one , this class is assigned with partners and as you could have guessed , I did not have one , so I sit alone . I do not need a partner , since you know , I am a dork and all , also before the arrival of new student today , this class had odd number of students , thus Mr. Loredo decided that I am a brilliant student and could suffice on my own . I was more than happy because of this decision , I'm not a loner or something but I love this subject way too much to sit and entertain some person for my and that persons' well being . Couldn't this boy find any other seat , there are plenty of empty seats in this class .. not , okay whatever , it is not like he is going to ask your hand in marriage or anything Mel , so relax . 

" Hi " , I say to him as I sit down . His reply is a short nod and then he continues staring out the window , which is what he was doing before my arrival . I sit and concentrate on the lesson Mr. Loredo is teaching . He is just telling us about different technical words present in our precious English language , after all English is second most spoken language in the world as of right now , I know this little fact because of my love being a total nerd. The class bell will ring after 45 minute what some people call torture and sadly this time , it includes me , I mean , technical terms really , I thought Mr. Loredo could do better than this . Bell is about to ring in 5 minutes to announce end of the day and everyone had started packing their stuff , Mr. Loredo finishes his lecture 10 minutes before the bell rings , yes , we all love him dearly .

" So .. class , there is this project I wanted to tell you about ... " , everyone starts groaning as the word 'project' leaves his mouth , even me , we want to get out of this place , is this too much to ask Mr. Loredo ! 

" Hush , as I was saying , there is project I will assign you soon and it will be a partner project " , he looks at me at the word ' partner' , then at
 Mr. Malik beside me and smiles . I don't want to work with him , oh hell no , he will just probably make me do all the work and then would ask to put his name in the end , I am much better alone .

" I will tell you more about this project when the time comes , so for now , leave . " , Mr . Loredo says and in the end , you can just sense how he is, also desperate to leave this place , who could blame him though , poor guy has to come in school before the school starts for students , it is pitiful really , he is such a nice teacher . When the bell rings ,everyone is hurling towards the poor door and usual I wait before the storm is subsided . Once that happens , I glance at this new face in school , only to see he is peacefully watching out the window and with that I'm out of this place . 
Zayn Malik fanfiction lovelies :D 


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