The Diary Of Mr Muggles

I do not own Heroes or any themes or characters invloved in the Heroes series. They belong to Tim Kring and anyone else who own the series.

The cute, loveable dog from Heroes has a diary! We saw how each day affected the main cast, But how did all of this affect Mr Muggles? Follow each day as he introduces us to his family, and attempts to become like Claire and makes new friends. Find out how he felt during each day withhis Diary!

Bad summary, May be slow to start.


2. May 14th, 2007

May 14th, 2007


Hello! I'm back again! Can't believe I haven't spoken to you in a day! Feels like much more! Overall, life here hasn't changed that much, but I feel like something isn't right. I may have mentioned that before, but I can barely remember what I had for dinner today so...

Anyways, getting back to the point! I don't really think that much has changed apart from one thing... I'm seeing a new person around the house more... what's his name...? Max..? Zach! That's his name! He keeps appearing with his big camera thing, and I'm having to walk around my own home with my fur perfect just incase he takes a photo of me! Don't want him snapping on my bad side, that would literally ruin my career.

So we have that guy running around for no apparent reason, and Claire is spending more time with her teddy's in her room than she is with me. I'm a living breathing teddy and she won't even cuddle me! Sometimes I wonder if she loves them more than me. So this zach boy keeps on slinking around the house, following claire wherever she goes. It's getting a bit old now if I'm honest. Wish he would just leave her alone he's going to cause more trouble than he's worth!

Then that Noah man only appears some days, and even then he's intimidating. Sometimes I wonder if he actually lives here or he just uses it as a hotel... Honestly! And that curly haired lady keeps on forgetting to feed me. I'm not quite sure why though, I hope she's ok. I couldn't handle being left on my own.

So whilst all of this is happening, I have to stay perfect. Well it's getting harder let me tell you! I'm finding myself trying to feed myself and trust me, I can't even reach the chair to reach the shelf. So when I overcome that challenge ill be sure to tell you! Talk soon!

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