No Regrets H.S

A love story Clair won't forget.

A love story Harry won't regret.


4. worst party

The whole morning was feeling so slow.

I started with a boring family breakfast and talked with my mom. And my brother was talking about his music and his friends as usual, and dad was reading the news like he most likely doing every mornings.

But the whole day got so fast over and now I'm waiting on Louis. He will come by now. He showed up after a few minutes.

"Hey babe." He said when I talked with him face to face. "Please don't call me that Louis." I said and he smiled. "Can you drive?" He asked. "I haven't got my drive license yet but yes I can drive a car." I said and he grinned.

"Is it something wrong?" I asked. "No no, but I take care of it." He said and got in to a city jeep. "Is it yours?" I asked. He nod and looked proud, he looked very ridiculous and silly. So I could not hold my poker face. I started to laugh loud. "You laughing, are you laughing at my car?!"

He shouted confused and smiled at the same time. "No, at you're reaction!" I cried. "Am I so funny to you?" He grinned. "Yes." I breathed out after all the pain my stomach had now after all the laughs.

He gave me a evil smile. He started to tickle me, hard. I laughed in panic and beg him to stop. "You think I'm funny!" He laughed and I started to kick inside the car. "Please stop.. Louis.. I'm serious.. I'm soon.. Going to.. Break something!" I said with laughing between that gaps.

He didn't listen and I did something. I activate the air bag. It smashed in my face so I hit my back and head in the car sit.

"Clair?" He asked and only saw his blurry face and now I felt dizzy. "You should relax, oh.. you're nose." He said and I noticed it, blood was coming. "Shit.." I Said and hold my had over it. Louis reached me something so I could stop the nosebleed. I thanked him.

"I'm sorry for that, but do you still want to go il out or do you want to go home?" He asked. I didn't want to ruin more of the night. "We're still go time to do it." I said and he smiled. "Are you sure?" He asked, but he excited. "Yes." I said and wow what he drove fast.

We passed trees, buildings, traffic lights, people and other cars. Louis turned on the radio, one of my favorite songs was playing. "Oh I love this song!" I shared happy. "Do you?" He smiled and turned up the music. "But he doesn't give a damn about me.." I started to sing for myself.

"-Cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby!" Louis singed louder than me. And he sounded better than I thought he would sing. "Yeah, I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby." He looked over to me when he sang those words. I started to smile and joined him again. "Listen to Iron Maiden baby with me oooohoo ooh hoooo!"

After the whole singing with Teenage Dirtbag we go to whatever he took me to. It was a really big house. And it seemed like it was a big party in there. "Did you take me to a party?" I asked. "Yeah, it's Liam's yearly party he always holds this time of the year, it's massive."

Well it's not that I care really, I'm not really that kind of a girl who are on party's.

"Thanks for the inviting but I'm not a party animal." I said. "Don't worry, it will just be fine and fun!" He smiled and walked out of the car. I think there is me trying to get Louis home, because he is going to be drunk.

Louis opened my door and I got out. We walked to Liam's house, it was big. We walked inside and the music was very loud. Louis took me to the living room. "Louis!" Someone of his friends shouted. "Zayn, what's up bro." They made some short of a handshake. "Sup lad! Hey isn't that Clair?" He said and looked at me. "Yeah, it is, she's my date over the night." I poke Louis in his back. "Sorry I meant she's my female company for the night." Zayn nod and I sighed, more to myself. What is Louis doing?

Louis took me to a table full of plastic cups. He gave me one. "Is that beer?" I asked. He nod and took it, I wasn't sure if I should drink it. Louis drank his own cup. "I will be right back, stay here." He said and left.

I waited and tasted the beer. It wasn't even good, it tasted really bad and discussing and that's the point I guess. So I placed the cup on the table again. I looked around and other people looked like they hade fun even if they where drunk.

Louis was gone for a while. What if he won't come back? Maybe I should go?

I walked to the door. "Are you leaving?" Someone behind me said. I looked around. It was one of his friends. "I thought you was staying longer with Louis?" He asked. "Well, he left me and he said he would be back but it have been 30 minutes." He smiled. "He is upstairs." He said and looked at him. "He is upstairs?" I asked once again. He nod. He showed me the way up.

And there he was. Sitting there drunk with a cigarette in his month. "Clair!" He smiled and took out his cigarette. "Louis.." I said disappointed. "Come over here, sit her with me." I shook my head. "Sorry Louis, I think I'm going home now." I said and turned back to take the stairs down. "Wait!" He shouted but I ignored it, I keep walking.

He catches me by the door. "Louis I just want to go home now." I turned around. "Please babe.. Just stay." He took my arms. "Don't leave." He said. I felt bad for him but it was his own fault to get drunk and leave me.

"Enough Louis, let me go. I want to go home and you have to except it now." I wanted to go home now. Now I'm was scared.

"I've been waiting all night.. to telling you this.. and now I think.. It's right time?" I looked at him. What is the right time for? If not what I think it is?

"Clair, I like you.. I know we met, this week.. but I like you-" "Louis, I know you're more emotional now when you're drunk. But I don't like you that way you're liking me. I just see you as-" he moved forward to me. I tried to avoid him. "Louis just stop!" I step on something and fall down backwards. Louis came down with me. "Please get off me, seriously Louis!" I cried out. But he still counties to get on top of me.

"Can't you just leave her alone?! She said that she just don't want to Louis! Leave her alone!" I closed my eyes. I felt that Louis wasn't on top of me anymore. "Are you okay Clair?" He said with his raspy voice.

Guess who that can be? ;) have a nice day :) xx

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