No Regrets H.S

A love story Clair won't forget.

A love story Harry won't regret.


11. News about dad

I let my eyes be closed. It made me stop think for a second. I heard Harry's breathing next to my ear. I heard mom sob on my other side. I heard people talk, it was so many sounds in the room, so many people talking.

My eyes where too have to just having them open, it was like I hade glue on my eyelids that made them stay as they where.

I almost jumped up when Harry moved. I wasn't ready when he moved. I still focused to just relax. I felt that Harry was extremely close to me, at least what it felt like, I heard his breathing louder and he's body temperature.

I decided to open my eyes. His head laid almost next to mine. "Sorry, I'm tired." He said and sat straight up again. "It's fine Harry, I don't mind." He shook his head "No, I shouldn't be tired." He said.

I started to think of my dad. He had always been kind.

I started to think when I told dad that the only first friend around here was Harry. it's funny because my dad sort of hated Harry so much in the beginning, but after they had met each other he loved Harry. He loved him like it was his own son.

I tried to look at Harry without making turning my head. "Do you remember when you met dad for the first time?" I asked. "Yes, he didn't like me at all." He answered. He laid his head towards mine. "I really hope he is fine." I hold Harry's hand harder.

"Elizabeth and Clair Hemmings?" A nurse showed up from nowhere. I stood up, Harry short after me. "Oh dear." My mom said and coming up too. And now it was time, to know how my dad really was. "Don't let go of my hand Harry." I said to him. "I won't, I will never do that." He replied.

We walked after the nurse that took us to another part of the hospital. The nurse told us to wait on a doctor. I felt how nervous I was. My heart was beating fast. "This all is my fault." My mother cried. "No mom it's not!" I said and almost cried myself. "It is absolutely NOT YOUR FAULT..!" I felt how the tears streamed down from my cheeks.

"Clair..." My mom said and hugged me. We sob together and the doctor came. "It will be okay Clair." Harry whispered in my ear. I nod and looked at the female who walked up to us. "Hemmings?" She asked. And we all nod except Harry. And I started to wonder where in the hell my brother was? Didn't he know our father was here?

The doctor took us to a room we could talk alone with. She begged us to sit down. And we did. "Okay.." She started. I squeezed Harry's hand again. "How is he?" My mom asked and looked in to the doctor's eyes. "Okay this is a report from the working place, 07.22 a worker, a coworker to Mr Hemmings falls down, and badly.. your dad was on the place he-" "What is he..?" My mom asked. "Unfortunately he got a couple of bad injuries, but he need a sugary to survive." She said.

Okay guy sorry for this shitty chapter, I will update a better in (hopefully) the next chapter! But I had to write something a little dramatic and sucky part.

Ps. I Love you guys xx

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