No Regrets H.S

A love story Clair won't forget.

A love story Harry won't regret.


5. Harry's house

I opened my eyes. Harry's hair was around his face. He head was looking down at me. "Yes I'm fine." I said and he helped me up. We leaved the house and he took me to his car. A black Range Rover. "Do you want to go home?" He asked. My mom would notice that I hade been drinking, more like tasting alcohol, so it wasn't a good idea. I could lie just for the night for her and saying that I was staying at school friends house. I have done it before. And she trust me.

"So where do you want to go?" He asked and unlocked the car doors. I really wanted to see Harry's place. "Can't I stay at your place?" I asked. "Are you sure that is what you want?" He asked and I nod and smiled. "Okay." He said and get in to the car and I did the same.

The clock was half past eight. But I was really tried now. It started to rain. I looked at the rain drops on the window. I felt more and more tired as the sound do the rain was smashing on the window. Then I guess than to felt asleep.

Next minute, like it felt I was lying in a warm and a soft bed. It smells like Harry. The door opens. "I just wanted to check that you was sleeping. And when you goes back to sleep, you have a T-shirt you can change to so you don't have to sleep in your own clothes." He smiled. "Good night." He closed the door. "Thanks and good night." I said.

I changed and jumped back in his bed.

But I wonder where he was sleeping on? But I guess he was sleeping in the leaving room? So I want up one more time. I found him in a chair in his living room. He looked up when he heard I was a few meters away from him.

"Is it hard to sleep?" He said and closed a book. It looked like to be his diary. "I just wanted to where you was." I said, I couldn't ask him where he was going to sleep at. That would be so weird. He smiled with an adorable smile. "Now you know." I guess he also thought I was silly. "Sorry if I distracted you." I said and looked down on my naked foot.

"Do you want to sit in the sofa or do you want something to eat or what do you want to do?" He asked and raised up from the chair.

"A cup of tea would be nice please."

He showed me his kitchen. It was very beautiful and it had it's charm. But it was elegant too. He started to boil the water.

"So what kind of tea do you like?" He asked, it depends. "What do you have." I asked and smiled. "Uhm, let me think.. I have strawberry, early gray, Russian gray, blueberry, lemon, vanilla, Irish coffee and something I can't remember.." I smiled when he said Irish coffee. "Irish Coffee, isn't that coffee and whiskey?" He smiled too. "Well this is tea, it isn't coffee and it is non alcoholic, I can promise you that."

"Okay, well then I guess I will take vanilla please." He nod and gave me a teabag. He took something I didn't know what it was.

When the water was ready we put down the bags in to the hot water. He pored the water in the cups. "Do you want sugar or milk or something?" He asked. "No thanks." I smiled and he took out a jar with honey. He took a teaspoon with the honey and pored it in the his cup.

We sat next to his long kitchen table. His hands made his normal sized cup look smaller than usual. "How did you know I was on a party?" I asked, it just spit out from my month. "Liam called me and said you might needed lift home because Louis was too drunk." He grinned. "You haven't touched your tea." He points towards my cup. "It's too hot." I said and smiled. It became a slice between us, then he suddenly put his cup down so it broke the awkward silence. "I think we should stop talking to each other." I almost drop my cup. "What do you mean?" I asked confused. He looked empty down at the table. "It's not a good idea for us to be friends Clair." His voice was so empty and the same was the way he just stared down at the table.

He rises up and walked out from the kitchen. "I will drive you home tomorrow morning." He said and disappeared from my view.

I walked in to the room I was supposed to spend the night in and fall asleep.

Before I woke up. I thought this was just a all from last night just was a dream. I thought that I was sent home last night and I now was lying in my bed. But it didn't feel like it. And I opened my eyes, it wasn't my room. It was true.

This was Harry's bedroom or his guest room? Anyway, I changed to my cloths I had last night and walked out. I walked in to his bathroom and saw that my makeup was a mess, so I cleaned it off. Then I saw something else in there. One of those injections things you sees at the hospital. I saw two of them.

I started to think he maybe used drugs or something. So I walked out and found him near the kitchen.

"Harry?" I asked and he looked at me. "What?" He asked and smiled. "Do you use drugs?" He looked at me like I was crazy. "What? No, why do you think that?" I looked down. "Sorry but I found some injection stuff in the bathroom.." He sighed. "So you have been sneaking around?" He looked a bit upset. "No no, it's not like that they just was lying open and I just by an accident happened to see them." I said without breathing. "It's my.. mothers, medication." He said at last. "Your mother is sick? Oh that's terrible Harry, I'm so sorry for you." I said and I felt sad for him. "Me too. Do you want to have ride home now?" He asked. "Okay."

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