No Regrets H.S

A love story Clair won't forget.

A love story Harry won't regret.


7. Does he like me?

I was studying with Harry at his place. And suddenly he stops reading. "I want to go out side, I want to explore the world." I smiled. "Really?" I asked and he grinned. "Yes, really." He closed the history book and took my hand. "Come with me." He said and I looked into his green eyes. "If you promise to never leave my side." As I said those words, his smile disrepair from his lips. "What?" I asked. He looked down and he shook his head. "I can't promise anything anymore, I know I can't keep them Clair." I counted to look at him. "Everything will be fine Harry." I said and smiled.

I have learn much things about Harry, he isn't a person who is very open about himself, he is still mysterious but he is kind, funny sometimes and he really are a friend in need.

We are always messing around in his kitchen, I don't really know why we're doing it but it's just fun. He is teaching me how to cook and I'm pretty awful on it if I'm honest.

My mom texted me and wonder when I was coming back home, and I wrote that I wasn't sure, then I heard someone was knocking on Harry's door.

Harry walked over to see who it was. He opened and I walked over to see who it was. "Luke?" I asked when I saw my brother was standing by the door. "Mom wanted me to pick you up." Said Luke and looked at me then over to Harry. "Do I really need to go now?" I asked. Luke nod without saying anything. "See you later I guess?" Harry asked and I nod and hugged him. "Bye Harry." I said and like and I leaved.

"You don't see it doesn't you?" Luke asked when he started to drive. "See what?" I asked and looked confused at him. Like what the heck was that supposed to mean? "Clair, for him you're more than friends. But he don't take the move because of you." Luke said and both looking at me and the road. "Does he? How do you know that?" I asked and strayed to think on Harry. I started to think on the first day I ever saw him.

"Day dreamer? Hello?" Luke's voice woke me up. "Sorry, I was thinking." He laughed. "Yeah sure." He smiled.

Did Harry really like me? If he did I would love to tell him that I do the same.

Hey! Wow it's just a few days for me until I have summmmmer! (I live in Sweden) have good day! xx :)

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