I will never leave you

A girl called Tyra has a great life in Holmes chapel and is working at a local floral shop until one day... Someone walks in and changes her life around


1. any normal day

Tyra's Pov

I woke up like any other normal day at 6:00am sharp. I slipped on my black converse and a pair of short denim blue shorts. Above I was wearing a white long sleeved t short and an aipron that said Holmes Chapel Always Flowers.

Quietly walked out the front door and off to work.

Beep beep. In coming message. I open my phone up

Hi Tyra. You are getting a co worker today. He is going to be here for a while to cool offs. From Mr Spooner.

Thanks. From Tyra.

I reached for my long wavy dirty blonde hair and quickly tying it up while using my elbow to open the door.

Gazed my eyes to the light switch next to me and swiftly turned around after the room was light and to my suprise my big green eyes met another pair of beautiful green eyes belonging to... HARRY STYLES!!!

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