Half Hearted

(Harry Styles)


2. Club - part 1


 wasn't quite the person to go to parties. The loud music, stuffy air, alcohol-ridden smell, and sweaty bodies close together just wasn't ever an interest to me. 

However, my best friend, Haley, intended to change that. She's pestered me since sophomore year to go to parties, hundreds of them. 

No matter how much she plead and begged, I never gave into her. At least not until now.



Along the whole car ride to the club, I made up excuses to get out of this. I'd bring up how my boyfriend wouldn't approve, or how we could be kidnapped; but Haley was persistent, and practically dragged me out of the car when we arrived.

I stood in awe at the sight of the club. I had expected a warehouse, with a couple lighted signs out front. But what was in front of me seemed to be the opposite.

Lights, music, and people seemed to be in surplus out front. A line of clubbers snaked around the large building called "Club 360".

"Fallon!" I snapped out of the trance I was in, when Haley yelled at me from in front of the velvet rope holding the line in order. She was standing right next to a bouncer, talking to him. She pulled out our false ID's, and he nodded to her, waving his hand towards the doors of the club. As I walked past the line and inside, I noticed that most of the line was made up of teenage girls, and they all glared at me, like they had something against me.

Haley and I sat at a booth in the far back corner of the club. A couple hundred yards away was the dance floor and the bar. That's where most of the people were, but other than that, "Club 360" was dead.

"Why are we here?" I questioned Haley. She had been unusually quiet the past few minutes, after we claimed our booth. 

When she didn't respond, I took my eyes off the dance floor, and turned to face her. Haley was practically all over some guy's face. So I got up and ventured towards the dance floor. 

A few guys tried to grind with me, and I only scooted away from them. Eventually, I got tired of it and moved to the bar. I slid into a bar stool, and ordered a beer. About halfway through the glass, the teenage girls outside went wild. The bartender in front of me groaned, and I looked at him with a puzzling look. He responded only by nodding towards the door.

I watched as five boys walked in, seemingly in slow motion. Big, tall men in black kept people at least ten feet away from the boys. They disappeared into a door in the back of the club, near where Haley still was.

I continued to watch the doors as I walked over to Haley, watching as the teenage girls tried their absolute best to be able to see into the club's tinted windows. No matter what they tried, they had no luck.

"Haley." I stammered when I reached the table, my arms folded across my torso. She whipped her head around to face me. 

All I could focus on was her smeared red lipstick while she spoke. "Well Jesus Christ, Fallon. Can't you leave me be?"

"You brought me here." I reminded her. This was always a prediction I had before, that if I ended up going to a party with her, she'd leave me in the dust. Which is exactly the case right now.

She sat there, on the random guy's lap, silent.

"What was the point of me coming?" I questioned her.

"I just needed someone to help get me in. I couldn't go alone, that'd be suicide for my arrest records." only now did I realize how drunk she was. 

"Well I'll see you at school on Monday then." I scoffed.

"Wait," she coughed. Haley stayed oblivious to the man sucking on her neck. "I need someone to drive me home. I can't drive."

"Figure it out." I retaliated to her. I wasn't letting her get away with being a bad friend that easy.

She looked hurt as she searched for the right comeback. The guy whispered something into her ear.

"Maybe you won't see me Monday." she finally said. "Maybe you won't see me ever."

I raised an eyebrow in response. The guy smirked, then continued with her hickey.

"I've decided I'm gonna go home with Travis." she explained. 

"What about your mom and dad?" I asked as I brushed some of my hair behind my ear. 

Haley had the perfect, stereotypical family. Mom and dad, an older sister, younger brother, and a goldie. The works. 

"Who gives a f-ck?" she responded, which made the guy laugh. "Seriously. No one gives a f-ck about me in my family, or even at school."

I shifted my weight. "Excuse me?"

"Did I f-cking stutter?"

"You know what? If you're so caught up with 'Travis', then so be it. If you wanna act like a dumb slut, then so be it. If you want to let go of our friendship, then so be it." I scolded her. Her eyes glistened with tears underneath the flashing lights of the club. She was hurt, and I knew she was going to start ranting.

"Ugh, I'm so tired of you thinking you're so much better than me Fallon. You're always complaining about what choices I make. Like I'm not you Fallon, I'd never want to be you. And now I never want anything to do with you. Oh! And I'm a 'slut' now? F-ck you Fallon. F-ck you and your shit opinions. I never really wanted them anyways, I only listened to you to make you feel better. I tried to help you with your damn depression when your mom died. But you know what I think Fallon? I think you're an attention whore. That's right I said it. You make up bullshit stories to get people's sympathy. But its not gonna work on me anymore. So you can take you, your ugly little black dress, and your shit personality, and your constant complaining and nagging away from me. And don't forget to never ever talk to me again."

When she finished, she sniffled, holding back tears. I laughed. Her eyes stayed focused on me. "Go." she said.

And I walked away, and without looking back, I threw her the middle finger.


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