Electric Children

A small boarding school near Oxford hosts some of the most elite artistic boys and girls in the world. Our hero, a seventeen year old girl named Eva starts school at the academy and makes friends with girls, Poppy and Suzy. She even gains the attention of a boy who is known for his ability to make any girl lust after him. Everything seems to be going great till she finds herself deep in something she shouldn't be in.


2. two


 Eva was left breathless as she wandered inside her very own tree house. "Hello there!" she heard Poppy yell through the window which Eva ran to. "This is amazing I can't believe you guys made these! I've never seen such a beautiful tree house." I stepped away from the window and opened the door next to it." Whats this for?" I yelled to Poppy point ing at the door. "OH OH! That's one of the best parts!" she retreated into her house and comes back seconds later this time holding a large ladder. "Don't worry its completely safe we tested it," she placed the ladder from her doorway to mine and beckoned me to crawl across. I shook my head at her first then quickly changed my mind and climbed my first step. My hands and body shook I could feel the ladder shake and tremble along with me. As I came to the end of the ladder I reached out for Poppy's hand and she took it. "You made it," she said happily pulling me into her treehouse. Her's was amazing furnished with things made and collected. "This is what yours will hopefully look like later this year." she laughed as she plopped down on a worn out couch. "Here I come!" Suzy shouted as a ladder fell down into the room. "So Eva tell me about you. But not that boring shit like favorite color and animal I want to know stuff that I actually want to know. Like favorite movie, I love movies so this is important. Guys or girls? Are you a virgin? Oh, and what is your focus here?" Poppy smiled asking them like routine questions. "Well to your first one my favorite movie is either Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or Requiem For a Dream. Guys, I don't know girls have never really done it for me. I am somewhat a virgin. My focus is film and basic visual arts."

"Wait, wait what does somewhat mean?" Suzy asked falling down next to me on the couch." Don't worry you are allowed to say anything. This is a safe place." She joked.

"Well, I haven't had a dick inside me, but I'll do anything really if I want to."

"So just fingers and tongues." Poppy laughed.

I shrugged," How about you guys?"

             Poppy started her favorite movie was Donnie Darko. Guys she liked older ones, and let me tell you she was not a virgin. Apparently she's fucked a lot of the teachers here. She was there for film as well. Suzy's favorite movie was Moonrise Kingdom which was why she changed her nickname from Anna to Suzy. She preferred girls and had had lots of sex, her first time was with a guy but she hated. She was a writing focus. We laughed and talked for a bit about meaningless things. They told me about their first 2 years here. All the things I would love, and the things I would absolutely hate. We made our way out of the treehouse, through the gardens, and up to our room. Suzy jumped onto her bed and pulled her laptop from underneath her pillow and opened it up. Poppy jumped on her bed, and pulled on me to join. I sat next to them and they started a movie, but we didn't watch we talked about bullshit like some reoccurring dream Poppy had about her childhood stuffed animal, Snuffles. Suzy told me the story that got her accepted into this school. I told them about my home friends. Then I began to realize how completely unreal this whole ordeal was. I a new student at this school became friends with two girls who I met today. I haven't really had trouble with making friends in the past but at least it had taken longer than a day. 

           That night I just lay in my bed and stared at the ceiling. I was smiling and thinking about the future of myself at this school. They were both terrifying and amazing the thoughts I had. Dreams of failing classes I knew I could master but at the same time have more fun than I have ever had with buy new friends. I dreamed of filling my treehouse and making look almost as beautiful as Poppy's. It was beautiful and I was lying on the floor looking up at the ceiling much like I actually was. Someone had their arm around me and was whispering things to me; I couldn't tell what he was saying exactly but his voice was sweet inviting and sleepy like he had just woke up. His lips tickled my ear and one of his hand was laced with one of mine. With his thumb he traced circles slowly in my palm. Then he stopped talking and for a bit we just lay there till he kissed my ear. I woke up.

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