Electric Children

A small boarding school near Oxford hosts some of the most elite artistic boys and girls in the world. Our hero, a seventeen year old girl named Eva starts school at the academy and makes friends with girls, Poppy and Suzy. She even gains the attention of a boy who is known for his ability to make any girl lust after him. Everything seems to be going great till she finds herself deep in something she shouldn't be in.


1. One

In 1916 a boarding school opened in a small town outside of oxford in england. The town was so small it remains without a name. Elite children in arts such as visual, theatrical, dance, and also vocal talents are welcome. Along with talents dealing with the brain.
        Our hero a young some may say attractive young teen American who goes by the name of  Eva. She was a 17 year old with a great talent in art. She had long messy curly brown hair, lips not small or large but puckered perfectly, large green eyes which sometimes turned grey, her nose's bridge was thick but her nose was not big. She was pretty and shy but had a very kind heart. This is her first year at the academy. She is excited and scared for what she is about to embark on. Eva has always been known to be more adventurous than her mother which is why she thought going to a boarding school would be a great idea. Especially since for her whole life Eva's mother had wanted to go to one. 
        As she steps into her room two girls sit on one bed laughing and looking at a book music plays softly in the room. Both their beds are made and at the sight of Eva they both jump up to greet her. "Hi," one with shoulder length dyed red hair chirped,"I'm Poppy! It's nice to meet you Eva !" Poppy looked like the stereotypical sexy school girl she had big full lips, her school skirt was much shorter then intended by the teachers, and her blouse was unbuttoned halfway revealing a rather scandalous white bra. The other girl was silence but held a smile on her face she was cute. Standing a bit taller than Poppy this girl had shoulder length blonde hair with bangs and bright blue eyes which stood out as she stared." I'm Suzanne, but you can call me either Suzy or Anna. No Sues or Anns okay?" she said in a playful way. I chuckled a bit under my breath," I promise." 

    She laughed before turning and revealing an empty full bed which was rather nice for what I thought boarding schools were meant to look like. "Well there's your new home. Get ready as quick as you can were going to dinner so if you wanna join I' hurry." she turned and walked over to her corner which was covered in posters of bands like The Decemberists  and the Neighbourhood she had a book case next to her bed which she had brought with her and was filled to the brim with books. "Don't worry Suzy's just kidding we'll wait for you." I smiled at Poppy then turned and began to unpack. I finished the bed first which was the easiest then set two containers under my bed; one for cds and records and one for books. Clothing was also easy; my mom had folded everything so nicely it was easy to sort and place. Last I set my empty trunk at the end of my bed and set my record player and CD playing down atop it. "Well thats about it," I said triumphantly scanning to see if I missed anything in the room,"I'm ready to go,"

    The dining hall was on the other side of the estate with all the classrooms. It was big and packed with boys and girls. Some greeted friends while others sat alone wishing they were home comfy cozy in their own beds. My head was spinning I was hungry yet too scared to eat so a grabbed a piece of french bread and some jam and sat down next to Poppy. Thats when I realized the girl. Tall and fairly pretty she was staring right at me her eyes narrowed like we were mortal enemies. I looked away trying to pin my attention to something other than her gaze but it stung even when I couldn't see. Awesome Eva its your first day at your new school you haven't managed to make a friend but hey, at least you got an enemy. "Who's that," I whispered to Poppy glancing at the girl who had sat down with who must have been her friends. They seemed fake all pretty and laughing at everything the girl said like she was a god. "Her?" Poppy looked shock and annoyed as she nodded her head towards the mysterious popular," That's Apple." she said with a bitter taste in her mouth."Though thats not her real name everyone knows. I mean what kind of shit parents name their precious child Apple. I bet its something gross like Bertha! Or--" "Gertrude?" Suzy butted in smirking as she no doubt created a deep back story behind Gertrude. "Oh I wish that was her name! Maybe that name would set her into place." Poppy nodded her head sure of her idea. "Is she mean?" Eva timidly adds in taking another bite of bread. " Not only mean she doesn't even belong here. She's here for acting but she's complete shit I've heard, but her parents are loaded and this school can't turn away good honest cash." Suzy's voice tingled with a bit of anger yet she laughed. "Plus she's dating that hot piece of ass Adam," she looked at me ," he's the boy everyone lusts after and I mean I don't blame em." I started giggling and had to pat my chest so I wouldn't choke on my food."If Adam doesn't call Apple his Adam's Apple he needs to start." The girls giggled and I looked back at Apple who had recruited her whole group and they were all staring at me. Why me? I tried to forget as Poppy, Suzy, and I cleared our trays and headed back to our room. 

    "We have to show you the grounds, they are absolutely amazing!" Poppy grabbed my hand and ran. We laughed and ran around the east side of the building. I'd never seen such a beautiful thing; there were hedged shaped in strange and beautiful ways, statues of people and objects were scattered, and finally in the center was a large fountain. I imagined myself drawing on its edge and when it got hot jumping in and splashing around for a bit. Under the trees I would come up with my best ideas and the statues would keep me company even through the hardest mind blocks. I couldn't wait to get started I stood in awe to Suzy grabbed my arm and pulled past the fountain down the hill on its south side. "Come on I want to show you my favorite part!" We ran, Poppy close behind, down past the edge of the gardens into the woods behind the school which still despite the dash of fear I had managed to keep me in awe. Within about a minute of running we stopped and Suzy turned and looked at me as if waiting for a reaction. "What?" I questioned her, she giggled and pointed up and when I pulled my head back I saw the most beautiful set of tree houses I've ever seen. "Holy shit. This is so fucking cool." I couldn't believe my eyes." I know isn't it spectacular! We built one just for you we thought we better be safe then sorry. Yours is the one on the right see you up there." Both her and Poppy ran away jumping up and grabbing the lowest branches on each of their trees and climbing rungs which were screwed into the trees. I was nervous but excited out of my mind which seemed to becoming a common theme in my emotions. I circled my tree finding the lowest branch it was high, fortunately not too high. I jumped just making it and pulled myself up to the first rung I climbed which felt like forever but only took a few short seconds till I reached the door. I pushed it open and gasped as I admired the beautiful interior. 

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