Electric Children

A small boarding school near Oxford hosts some of the most elite artistic boys and girls in the world. Our hero, a seventeen year old girl named Eva starts school at the academy and makes friends with girls, Poppy and Suzy. She even gains the attention of a boy who is known for his ability to make any girl lust after him. Everything seems to be going great till she finds herself deep in something she shouldn't be in.


4. four

POV of Poppy 

    "Shouldn't you be at free period with friends Miss. Reynolds." Harry sat at his desk looking down and not at me. "Harry. Harry. Harry, when will you learn," I walked over to him grabbed his shoulders and began to message his back. I lean down and whisper in his ear," I never go to free period." He smirked, spun his chair around, put his arms around my waist, and pulled me onto his lap. I looked at him and smiled before he kissed me. He kissed me hard and long; soon I was pulling at the bottom of his shirt and pulling it above his head," Damn, you are so fucking sexy." He slurred out before I stopped him by kissing him again. I ran my fingers through his hair as he kissed my neck, his wandering fingers  began to unbutton my shirt. "Wait wait did you lock to door." I jumped up letting my shirt fall as I ran to the door and locked it. 

    Next thing I know I'm lying on his desk my bra is off and his lips are sucking on my tit. Moaning came naturally as I let my head roll back. He reached down a hand and began rubbing my clit through my spandex shorts; through my moans I begged for him to take them off. The feeling of his cold hands brushing against my skin as he pulled down my shorts taking my underwear too was a nice beautiful feeling. The next thing I know he was on his knees with me sitting on his desk legs tucked up and spread next to me giving him easy access. He leaned over and messaged my clit with his fingers and tickled my pussy with his tongue. I moaned louder and louder the longer he did it till he came up to cover my mouth for I was on the verge of giving us away. "Now its my turn," I said climbing off  the desk and getting down on my knees. There was a noticeable bulge in his pants and it began to grow as I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. His dick popped up and I put my hand around its shaft rubbing up and down. I smiled and licked the head of it; I put it all in my mouth and bobbed my head up and down. "Jesus christ, end this." He laughed picking me up and placing me on the desk and pulling me to him. We were kissing and smiling then all of the sudden he was inside me. Pushing in and pulling out first slowly then he began to pick up speed. My arms wrapped around his shoulders and as he picked up speed I grabbed tighter. I moaned and yelped in pleasure but also in pain. Harry's arms although strong and firm felt let they were meant to be there. After he finished me a couple times and I finished him we sat there. I smoking a cigarette which I only smoked after being sexual. It was like having a big pat on the back. I picked my bra up off the floor and strapped it on before slipping on my panties. "Some time we are going to have to stop this." Harry said buttoning his shirt," If I get found out I'm gonna get fired and probably thrown in jail."

"Thats true but we are having tons of fun." I said taking a big puff of my cigarette.

"Touché." He stood up and walked towards me leaned down and kissed me. His hands were warm and inviting, but I had to leave. I stood up put the rest of my clothes on, kissed him, and was on my way out the door. Walking back to my room was a strange and beautiful experience as usual; 10 million things raced through my mind and they all had to do with Harry. He was a kind and gentle soul when I first met him, but grew to have more of a darker side. I had been his student 5 weeks before I kissed him of course he kissed back. 


    "Well well well looks who's back." Suzy said not even looking up from her bed. Eva was on her bed headphones in her ears she was drawing a cat in full detail. She jumped up when she heard my voice." Are you fucking him?" Eva stared at me waiting for an answer."Yes, but that is strictly dorm business okay. That news is not leaving this room. Okay?" She jumped up and hugged me." I knew it! I mean you guys need to hide it more its fucking obvious. Oh and I promise I won't tell." I smiled at her she really was a cutie. Her big green eyes shown happy as she looked up at me and she was holding a pencil which she tapped on her thumb repetitively. Which must have been a nervous reflex. "Uh do you wanna sit on my bed and listen to music? I noticed you have good taste and I was wondering if you could share it with me?" she said before hoping back onto her mattress. "Of course, have you heard of Neutral Milk Hotel?" she shook her head as I sat down next to her." Oh god, they are a great great band. You'll love em!" I showed her my music and she showed me her we listened and talked till dinner which was cold pizza and was even more disappointing then it sounds. When we left the building it had began to rain. I grabbed one of Suzy's hands and one of Eva's and ran into the rain, soaking myself and them as I went. At first Suzy was bitter and tried to leave, but with a bit of persuasion from Eva and I she was having just as much fun as us. We returned soaking wet, laughing, yet shivering in cold. Eva was the worst with eve shiver her body shook like a seizure, her teeth chattered, and her lips were purple from being so cold. We got her into warm clothes and wrapped her in all the blankets we owned, but still site continued to shake. She tried to speak to us but her words were slurred and hard to understand. After a few minutes she threw off her blankets and tried to get to the door only to be stopped by her tripping. Out of pure fear Suzy picked her up and we both brought her to the health center. On our way there she her teeth stopped chattering and she just shook in Suzy's arms, her eyes closed as if dead or sleeping. "I'm happy you got here as quick as possible, we were notified that Miss. Ryder has been very prone to hypothermia all her life. Now this is not serious and she will be back on her feet in a day she just needs a cold shower and lots of rest." The nurse purred in the soothing voice she always had," I just recommend you don't run in the rain when it is 40 degrees outside. Do you understand?" Both of us nodded. "Do you think we could see her real quick?" Suzy said while scratching behind her left ear which is what she did when nervous. "Not now, maybe tomorrow after classes. As I said Miss. Ryder needs to sleep it off." she turned and walked away leaving us alone."Wow." I mumbled under my breath." Its funny what you don't know about people till strange situations."


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