They're dangerous





*Jordan's pov*   I sat there playing with the gun in my hand. Waiting. I sighed and slid the slide on my gun, watching the bullet fall. I slid it again letting two more bullets fall.  There was a slight knock on my door. I quickly took the bullets and the gun then slid them under my pillow. "Jay, it's time for school" My brother ,Jake, said through the other side of the door. I sighed and grabbed my backpack, throwing it over my shoulder. I opened my door to see Jake smiling excitedly. I rolled my eyes. "Come on it's the first day" He said, poking my side. "Yea the first day of hell" I muttered. He sighed. "Come on" He threw an arm over my shoulder. "It's a new start" I balled my fists tightly, wanting to punch something. "Sorry" He mumbled. I sighed and unclenched my fists. "It's fine I'm just not over it yet" He nodded understandingly.   I stepped out of my chrome and walked into Stratford High. I hope nobody talks to me. I felt people's eyes on me as I walked through the crowded corridors. My combat boots soon the only thing heard through the halls. I continued walking ignoring the whispers and uncomfortable gaze of students. Until I heard something that made me stop abruptly. "What a bitch" I clenched my fists as I turned to see a skinny blonde girl. "Is someone mad" She said pouting. I closed my eyes to keep in my anger then slowly opened them. "I wouldn't be talking if I were you" I said crossing my arms. She scoffed. "How about you go back to whatever gang you came from" I snapped and raised my fist ready to punch her before someone grabbed my hand. "I wouldn't do that if I were you" A deep raspy male voice said. "And why not" I turned around once he let go of my hand. My lips slightly parted when I saw a guy with carmel eyes and brownish blonde hair. "Well I don't think you wanna find out" He slightly smirked then walked off. What the hell?!? I rolled my eyes and walked to class ignoring how loud the whispers got. Soon the bell rang. I walked through the halls trying to find my first class. I pulled out my schedule going over it again  'FIRST PERIOD: Mrs.Brady, ROOM 12, ENGLISH'  I looked at the numbers as I past them. 8,9,10 ... 11.. 12! I turned the knob and walked in. " To write the perfect essay you must first-" She stopped mid sentence and everyone turned their gaze to me. "Ah miss.. um" She looked at me as if waiting for me to answer. "Jordan, Jordan Sanders"  She nodded. "Well Ms. Sanders take a seat"  I swiftly moved to the back of the room, taking a seat. "Ok as I was saying" She clapped her hands and continued with her speech.   Lunch time eventually came and I walked outside the building. Not wanting to speak to people. I pulled out a pack of cigarettes and slid one out. I closed the box after lighting one up and slid the box in my pocket. I inhaled then slowly blew out a puff of smoke. "You know you could get in trouble for that" I quickly turned around to see those Carmel eyes watching me ,fascinated. I shrugged carelessly. "You're very interesting Sanders" My body tensed. The way he said it reminded me of my past or should I saw someone in my past. "How do you know my name" I spat, trying to stay calm. "Well you're all the school is talking about" I rolled my eyes. "Figures" I mumbled. "The names Justin" He stuck out a hand for me to shake. I ignored him and placed the joint between my lips, before inhaling. I blew out another puff of smoke before throwing it on the ground, stepping on it.  

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