The Job

Victoria Green is the normal 24 year old who is trying so hard to get her first job after finishing college.Her best friend Luke is helping her by setting up all her interviews.
So what happens when Luke gets her a interview for being a personal assitant?


1. JobLess,24 Year Old

*Beep *Beep *Beep I groan loudly and sink my head back into the cover of my bed.I have another interview but today is really earlier in the morning.I lay in bed for a couple of more minutes.I know in a few more minutes Luke is going to burst through my door and demand me to get up. I'm sorry I forgot to introduce myself I'm Victoria Green, I'm 24 unemployed so I have no money (only the ones my grandparents send every year).I'm single(I haven't had a boyfriend since my freshman year at college).I'm not in shape(living in London just doesn't motivate me). My best friend Luke Wild on the other hand is 24 too, pilot twist. He has a job(he's a photographer and a artist).He has a girlfriend(her name is Alexandra and she's a journalist).Saved the best for last,he's in shape(he goes for a run every morning that how I get up in the mornings). I met Luke in High-School in my AP English class and the rest of my other classes(we had all the same classes our whole year in High-School).We both got a scholarship for University of London(we call it college not Uni because then we sound to smart) it was a full ride so we didn't have to pay our grades did all our talking. I know what you mean, But Victoria if you went to a Uni for free wouldn't you have a job because your so smart? Well to answer your question I am really smart I just don't know what I want to do for the rest of my life.I could be a doctor(from all the things I learned).A teacher(I'm not good with kids though).A nurse(their uniforms annoy me).And Etc. I could do a lot with my life I just don't know what everything I've been interviewed for is really boring I want something that I'll love to do and wake up early in the morning for. After what seemed for me a long time I climed out of bed I noticed that Luke hasn't come up to get me, he's a morning person.I grab one of my clean towels and my fancy soap(that I got from one of the hotels we stayed in when we went to visit back home).After a 15 minute shower I do my hair in a bun that screams I may be unemployed but I'm trying here so please let me have the job.Brushing my teeth washing my face(putting this acne cleanser because I don't want to be breaking out while having an interview).I then put on my usaually wardobe( pencil skirt,a kinda fancy shirt from the thrift shop, my blazer that my grandma got me when I graduated High-School, and some regular pumps that Luke and Alexandra got me when I told them about my job hunting).I try to hurry downstairs just incase Luke didn't sleep in which that wouldn't be possible but hey you got see.I noticed the lounge room and the kitchen is empty.I walk up to the coffee maker and notice a yellow sticky note stuck to it. Victoria, By the time you read this you'll be waiting for your morning coffee I always have for you, but I'm sorry one of best friends from Primary School is here to visit his dad.I ran into him on my morning run today and he invited me for breakfast at his place.I made your coffee though, but I wont be there in person to wish you good luck but that is why this note is here for.SO GOOD LUCK VIC!! p.s pick up milk when you come home Love Your Best Friend In The Whole World, Luke I grab my favorite mug and pour some of the coffee I stand in the kitchen by myself.I would always tell Luke that I would love our house to be quiet since he's always making noise , but right now I'm regretting it.I grab my black case, and my car keys and head out to this job that I don't even know about.This is why I need Luke he always tells me what the job is and what to expect.I get in my blasting the heat since it's kind cold outside I love November, but when it's freezing I hate it. After what seems to me as hour I finally get to the location it's only a 3 story building, so it shouldn't be that bussinessy.After checking in I get to the elevator.This is it. -2 hours later "I'm sorry Miss.Green but it seems to me that your just not that cut out for this job," the boss tells me. "No it's okay making lava lamps aren't my things I guess,"I say sadly and walk out of his office and wait on the elevator.I feel my phone vibrate, I then see that Luke texted me. From Luke: Have you gotten out of the interview. To Luke:Yeah I just got out. Really lava lamps!! From Luke: It's the best I could do but get home quick I have really good news on your next job hunting list. To Luke:How do you even know that I didn't get the job maybe I did and I might be the co-owner? From Luke:Victoria you're such a bad lier.NOW GET HOME!!!! To Luke:Fine I'll be home in about 30 minutes. From Luke:Don't forget to pick up milk!!xxx I sigh and get into the elevator.Once I get on the bottom floor I walk up to the counter and hand them the pass and walk out.I get in my car and heat it up.I sigh again and look at myself in the rear-view mirror. "I'm trying mom and dad ,I guess it is hard then I thought"I sigh and then pull out of the parking space. -1 hour late I decided to do a little bit of grocery shopping while I was out since I have to cook dinner this afternoon and I don't think Luke would want to eat left-over pizza.After shouting out 'I'm back' I go into the kitchen and drop all the bags in my hands.I go up to the sink and wash my hands since I should be getting ready on making dinner.As I'm washing some of the vegtables I turn around and see Luke sitting down on one of the counter seats. "I have big news"he says with a huge smile on his face. "So do I..."I sigh"I didn't get the job" "I already knew that but this is huge"he says. "Oh really enlighten me then?"I say putting down the vegtables down and crossing my hands. He smiles again. "I got you a job."
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