Decide Your Own Faite

Best friends, drama, plays, magic. Triple threat Cathleen is on a role in high school. She's got the lead role in a play, she's becoming popular, and her two best friends love her to death. She also was abandoned at an orphanage when she was a baby. But when her elementary school best friend returns, what will she learn about her parents and who she really is?


14. Thirteen

I woke up still partially laying on Harry, my head was on his chest but my legs were sprawled out over the couch. But I was covered with a blanket, so at least I was warm. Harry was sleeping too, in an awkward position sitting up. I moved off him and pulled/pushed him into a better position. He kind of groaned, but didn't wake up. I found another blanket and covered him, wrapping the one I had around my shoulders. I headed into the kitchen and got a glass of water. I sat down at the counter and pulled out my phone. I saw a couple texts and a missed call from Henry, and a missed call from Mason.

H: Hey Cathy! So why'd you leave the tournament?
H: Are you alright?
H: Come on answer me! We're worried...I'm worried.
C: Oh, I just left because I wasn't feeling good. I threw up a few times, so the principal decided to call it off.

I didn't expect an answer but one came nearly right away.

H: Why didn't you come find us? Did you walk home by yourself?
C: No, Harry drove me.

It took awhile for him to answer to that one.

H: Oh, well now that you've found your best friend all over again, I guess you're just forgetting about me and Mason. We were so worried, and you didn't answer our texts or calls. Guess you don't need us since you have him now.

I sat there shocked. I could feel the jealousy he had toward Harry, not for just being my friend, but also my crush. Henry had always wanted us to date, but I just felt nothing there. And Harry....I had just always felt something for him and now that he was back in the picture, I knew I couldn't love Henry. He was my best friend, along with Mason, and I never envisioned myself dating either of them. While I was typing my response, a bright flash shone in from the French doors behind me. I was blinded and tried to turn away from it but I felt paralyzed. Moving seemed like such a hassle, the energy was just not there. I felt someone grab my waist and pull me out of the chair. They slung me over their shoulder. I was glad that my phone stayed in my hand, and I hoped I could hold on to it. I tried to move again and was able to slightly move my arm, but by then the person had taken me out of the house at a surprising speed. We seemed to be skimming across the ground, not even touching it. I was gaining back movement, and I was struggling. The person didn't seem to mind the constant movement of my body in their arms, they just held on tighter. I didn't stop moving until they began to slow down. My curiosity was getting the better of me, so I stopped moving and lifted my head. I tried to turn it but since the person had such a good hold on me, I couldn't turn all that much. But from what I could see, it was pretty awesome.  

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