Decide Your Own Faite

Best friends, drama, plays, magic. Triple threat Cathleen is on a role in high school. She's got the lead role in a play, she's becoming popular, and her two best friends love her to death. She also was abandoned at an orphanage when she was a baby. But when her elementary school best friend returns, what will she learn about her parents and who she really is?


1. Prologue

A man swaddled a whicker basket as he dodged the rain drops beginning to fall from the clouds that had threatened rain the entire day. Nervously glancing around him, he placed the basket at the doorstep of a gigantic stone building. Rereading the sign above the door, the man nodded to reassure himself, and pressed the button to the left of the door. As the chimes began to ring, the man stepped backwards, and with one last look at the basket, he turned and hurried away. As soon as he rounded the corner, the door opened revealing a middle-aged woman in her nightgown. When she caught sight of the basket and whimper arouse, echoing off the stone wall, and a small white hand emerged from the bundle.

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