Decide Your Own Faite

Best friends, drama, plays, magic. Triple threat Cathleen is on a role in high school. She's got the lead role in a play, she's becoming popular, and her two best friends love her to death. She also was abandoned at an orphanage when she was a baby. But when her elementary school best friend returns, what will she learn about her parents and who she really is?


15. Fourteen

We had entered some type of village living way out in a forest that I didn’t even know existed this close to my house. People were milling about but when the person that carried me passed them, they would stop and stare with open mouths, both at the person and me. Women and children were everywhere, but there weren’t too many men around. The only ones I saw were either old or children. I assumed the person carrying me was a man since he hadn’t shifted me at all and didn’t seem to tire either. We trooped through the entire village and stopped at what I assumed was a large hut/house, because I could see the roof with barely turning my head. We entered the hut and I hit my head on the top of the entrance.

“Ouch!” I said reaching up to rub my head. The man then finally spoke.

“Watch your head.”

“Thanks, it would’ve been nice to get that before I hit my head,” I muttered. The man slid me off his shoulder and I fell to the ground. “And now my head isn’t the only thing that hurts.” I looked up at the man carrying me and scooted back in surprise. “I’ve seen you before…” I put my hand to my head and tried to remember.

“Let me help. You saw me at fair a few weeks ago; you bought ice cream from me,” he smiled and offered me a hand. I grabbed it and he pulled me up, without seeming to use any energy.

“Yeah, I remember. Why’d you kidnap me?”

“I am a Fighter. It is my duty to capture any Faite I see,” he said turning around. He was dressed very much like Harry in his Faites’ outfit, but he had a green cape on.

“What is your name?” I asked as I searched for the closest exit.

“Erik Montague,” I jumped at the name and he chuckled. “You weren’t expecting that.”

“No, but you’re not my father….” I trailed off.

“No, I’m your uncle.”

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