Decide Your Own Faite

Best friends, drama, plays, magic. Triple threat Cathleen is on a role in high school. She's got the lead role in a play, she's becoming popular, and her two best friends love her to death. She also was abandoned at an orphanage when she was a baby. But when her elementary school best friend returns, what will she learn about her parents and who she really is?


6. Five

I awoke in my room, which was a surprise since I remembered falling asleep on the couch with Harry. He must've carried me up here. I immediately blushed because I had my clothes strew everywhere in my bedroom and he saw how untidy I kept my room. I could see the sunrise just coming over the distant mountains. The pinks, purples, reds and oranges stood out against the dark blue sky. It seemed too beautiful, like something wasn't right with the world. I rubbed my eyes and threw off the covers. At least I had changed into my pjs before I fell asleep, because I didn't think Harry would put on my pjs, but he did see me in my underwear yesterday. There wasn't much left for him to see, but I still didn't want him to see it. I patted over to my bathroom and I was glad it was attached to my bedroom--I didn't have to worry about Harry. After everyone had be gone for awhile, I decided the master bedroom was mine. So the on-suite became mine too and it is beautiful. A tiled walk-in shower stands against the back wall, with a free standing tub with lions feet to my right, and a double sink to my left next to the toilet. Contrary to my messy bedroom, I'm insane about keeping the bathroom clean. The floor shine bright white with purple rugs next to the sinks, tub, and shower. I took off my clothes and opened the bathroom door slightly to throw them on my bed. I closed it once more and headed toward the shower. I reached inside and flipped the valve to make the water heat up. It always took a few minutes so I sat on the edge of the bathtub and began to think about the little Harry had shared with me last night. Magically beings called Faites? It seemed like one of the stories he used to tell me to help me fall asleep. Even though he was a boy and 10, he was still a complete romantic at heart and always included a love story in his stories. He always covered it up when the other boys came to listen that he added it in just for me, but I could see the love was always his favorite part. I giggled when I thought about it. Realizing it had probably been enough time, I opened the door to the shower and stepped in. I was surrounded by steam and water that instantly had me calm. Water seemed to always do that for me, though recently my waterworks had me thinking more and more about things that were happening in my life and it was tiring me out. When Harry appeared it seemed all that energy was returned. I feel better, stronger. And get it out of your head; I do NOT like Harry. I simply don't.
"Leena? Leena are you up?" I hear a voice yell through my bedroom door.
"Yes Harry I'm up! I'm in the shower!" I yell back rolling my eyes.
"Leena school starts in half an hour!" He yells back and I fight the urge to punch the wall. Had I really been that long? I shook my head and turned off the water, wrapping my purple towel around my body and grabbing my white towel to dry my dripping wet hair. I quickly put on my makeup and scrunch my hair in the towel to make it wavy. I proceeded into my bedroom where an outfit had been laid out on my bed. I knew Harry picked it out since it was complete with the earrings he bought me for my eleventh birthday, the day before everyone left. The earrings were simple studs that were purple roses, my favorite. I noticed he picked out my lingerie to go with the outfit and I blushed. I'd have to punch him later for that. I guess I might as well get dressed. He had chosen a pair of dark wash jeans with an oversized yellow striped v-neck shirt and brown boots. I'm surprised his choice was so modest, but that's Harry for you. I put on the jewelry, grabbed my backpack, which was already packed with finished homework thanks to Harry, and ran out of my bedroom, booking it down that stairs. I smelt eggs cooking and I headed into the kitchen just to see Harry standing there in a outfit very similar to mine, cooking our breakfast.
"Well yelling at you sure gets you ready fast," Harry chuckled as he handed me a plate of scrambled eggs, two pieces of toast, and a cut up banana. He was smiling with that twinkle in his eye. I looked at the clock.
"You liar! I go to school late today and you made me get ready as if I was going to school on time!" I yelled and he threw up his arms in the 'please don't hurt me' stance. I let my anger boil down and sat down at the bar to eat my breakfast. "But hey thanks for breakfast," I said under my breath. Harry nodded and came and sat next to me with his own plate. It was the same as mine except his had bacon on it. So, he remembered I didn't like bacon, huh.
"So what are you going to do today?" I ask Harry nudging his shoulder. "Going to go to the mall and watch college girls?" He chuckled.
"Nope. I was actually hoping I could accompany you to school," he said looking at my expectedly. I shrugged.
"Well you haven't been to normal high school, so sure," I replied. "When did you become such a good cook?"
"Well the Academy has much more than just learning about and how to use your powers. Their electives are pretty cool. I took a cooking class and the teacher said I was a natural. So from then on I just started to try different concoctions and trying them on my roommates," he grinned.
"I bet your roommates appreciated that a lot," I answered sarcastically. He lightly punched my shoulder and stood up taking my empty plate and his to the sink. I watched him work on cleaning the kitchen and it was nice that someone was taking care of me again. I missed being dependent on someone.
"And hey what's with us wearing the same thing?" I asked him teasingly and he turned around with a glint in his eye.
"I don't know what you're talking about," he stated.
"Oh and never ever touch my underwear ever again," I threatened coming up behind him and jumping on his back, pretend strangling him. He nodded violently and I slipped off his back.
"It was fun picking out an outfit in your pigsty of a room," he said as I glared at him. "How can the rest of the house be perfect and your room be so terrible?" I shrugged admitting defeat. He knew how to get under my skin and I hated that.

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