Decide Your Own Faite

Best friends, drama, plays, magic. Triple threat Cathleen is on a role in high school. She's got the lead role in a play, she's becoming popular, and her two best friends love her to death. She also was abandoned at an orphanage when she was a baby. But when her elementary school best friend returns, what will she learn about her parents and who she really is?


19. Eighteen

I awoke late in the day; the sun shining low in the sky. I smiled at the sunset, but then remembered what had happened before I fell asleep and the smile fell off my face.
"I need to paint. I need to paint NOW," I stood up and rushed to the secret door, surprised to find it slightly ajar. I pushed it open just far enough to peek in, and I saw Henry standing there. He had paint streaks across his face and hands and all over his clothes. He held my wooden palette in his hand and he actually seemed to know what he was doing. He had set the easel up so the painting was sideways, just out of my sight. He looked so focused, so regal, I couldn't take my eyes off of him. Never pausing, never taking his eyes off the painting. I slid down to the floor so I could watch him longer, but he abruptly stopped and stepped back. He put the palette and paintbrush down and began his way up the stairs. I scrambled to get up and out of his way. I ran to the couch and threw myself down, covering half of me with the blanket and closing my eyes, just as I heard the door creak open. I heard light footsteps, and soon light breathing.
"Leena? Leena, you awake?" He whispered, and I pretended to not hear like I was asleep. I felt him come around to the front of the couch and pull up the blanket to cover the rest of me. Then he leaned down and kissed my forehead. By then I couldn't stand it anymore, I snapped my eyes open and pulled him back down, crashing my lips into his. It took him a moment, but he responded with the same enthusiasm, pulling me into a sitting position and placing his hands on the sides of my face; my hands running through his hair. He fell down on the couch and pulled me into his lap so that I was straddling him, our lips never breaking apart. His hands moved to my thighs and he broke our kiss, moving his kisses slowly down the side of my face to my collarbone. I was practically melting in his arms. After a few, Henry pulled back and leaned his forehead to mine.
"I can't live without you, Cathleen," he closed his eyes and sighed.
"Nor I you," I place my hand on his cheek and he leaned into it, tears running down his face. I wiped them off and picked up his chin so he was looking directly into my eyes, "Is this what you what? To defy your father, the king, and the chance you will not be king yourself? You'd be okay with that?"
"Anything. Anything as long as I have you," he smiled.
"Okay," I smiled back and kissed his perfect lips again. He tried to get in for more, but I pulled away. He practically whimpered when I slid off his lap and scooted away. "But there is something I have to tell you."

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