6. Chapter 6

It was just passed midnight when Jessica stepped onto her apartment balcony and gazed over New York City . She heard car sirens, traffic lights, people, it was the sound of her home. She needed to clear her mind. Seeing Geek today was amazing, but it also brought back so many memories. Both good and bad; and hearing Michael's name just made her think about everything that went down with them.

Just then Johnny came out and stood by his sister. He gave her a big hug and they just stood there. She felt his warmth on her, since he was wearing nothing but his boxers. She loved her brother so much, and would do anything for him.

"What's going through your mind Jessica?" asked Johnny.

"Just thinking. You know I kinda forgot about everything. Like I know we were in the FBI, but I forgot about all the memories. Good and bad," Explained Jessica.

"Yea I know Jess...did Geek make you remember about Michael? You know you never really told me about what happened,"

"I know I never did. Just something I didn't want to talk about. And I don't really want to talk about it now," said Jessica. She felt her emotions building up in her stomach.

"Look Jessica, I just want to continue to remind you that no matter what I'm gonna be there for you. You are my twin and my best friend. No matter what it's you and me till the end. Ok?" Said Johnny, looking into his sisters eyes. He couldn't bear seeing her so sad. He just wanted to make everything ok, like a brother would do for his sister.

"We'll I'm a bit tired now Johnny. Thank you so much for everything. I love you," said Jessica, wrapping her brother in another hug.

"Love you more Jessica," said Johnny, as he watched his sister go inside.

Johnny took one look outside at the busy New York night, and turned around and went back inside.

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