5. Chapter 5...4 years later

"Excuse me, sorry," said some lady who bumped into Jessica on the subway.

"No worries," said Jessica. She had spent the entire day shopping. She had just found out that she was accepted into medical school, to fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor.

She and Johnny had left Virginia after the break up of their group, and had moved to New York, so Jessica could go to school. Johnny had received a job for a high-end security company. They both were doing great, and were extremely happy. Their lives were finally on track and in order. It had been difficult for them to leave, but they both needed to do so, and were determined to start new. And it was the best decision they had made, other than agreeing to joining the FBI.

Jessica pushed her way out of the subway and began walking to her and Johnny's apartment. Suddenly some guy ran into her, causing her to drop her bags and him to drop his camera.

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry," said the guy, picking up the items.

"It's fine don't..." Jessica stopped in her tracks. She stared in shock at the guy picking up her bags.

"Geek?" she said.

The guy looked up. "Jessica?"

She couldn't help it. She threw her arms around him and gave him a big hug.

"Oh Geek it's so good to see you! How have you been?" she asked.

"I've been great. I finished school, got my degree in computer science with a minor in computer engineering. I work for a computer company, but right now I took a year off and have been traveling the world. New York is my last stop before going back home.

"That's so freaking awesome Geek!"

"God, I haven't been called that in a while," he laughed, "how are you Jessica?"

"Good! I just finished my undergrad, and now I'm preparing to enter medical school," she said.

"Gonna fulfill your dream, that's awesome JJ," said Geek.

"Yea," she blushed.

"What about Johnny?" he asked.

"You can ask him yourself! Come over for dinner right now, Johnny is cooking!"

"Yea, sure, lead the way," said Geek.

She walked him down a few blocks while they both talked and caught up. When they reached the apartment she opened the door and dropped her bags down and went to the kitchen to find Johnny pouring himself a glass of red wine.

"Hey how was shopping?" he asked, not looking up from his pouring.

"Good, look what I found," she exclaimed.

Johnny looked up and almost spilled the wine. He looked over at Geek with wide eyes.

"No way Geek! How are you man?" he asked, walking over and giving Geek a hug.

"Good, good man it's good to see you. Your sister invited me over for dinner if that's ok," said Geek.

"Absolutely, you are always welcome. Please sit, can I get you something to drink?" asked Johnny.

"I'll take a glass of wine," said Geek.

"Me too, please," said Jessica.

"Coming right up. Dinner's just about ready," said Johnny.

Johnny had made some salad, a seafood pasta bake, and some crab cakes with garlic bread. For dessert, he made home made creme brûlée.

"If your job doesn't work out Johnny, you should become a chef. That was amazing," said Geek, sitting back in his chair.

"I tell him that all the time," said Jessica, as she smiled at her brother.

Johnny just laughed. "Geek have you heard from anyone since we separated?"

Geek paused for a moment. "We all actually got together about two years ago. Well except you two and Michael."

Jessica flinched at Michael's name.

Geek didn't seem to notice, for he continued the story.

"Maria stayed with the FBI, Jammer joined the army, and Michael...I don't really know. Nobody does. He kinda went off after we all left. He lost his job, he lost Jess..." Geek didn't finish his sentence.

Jessica just stared at Geek. Really, she thought.

Geek cleared his throat. "And I went to school, got my degree, and have been traveling the world. And got a great job."

"God that's awesome! I'm not sure if Jessica told you but I work for a high end security company. Started as a security guard and worked my way up."

"That's great! And Jessica is gonna be a doctor," smiled Geek.

"Hopefully," assured Jessica.

"No you will. If I know my twin, I know you will become a doctor," said Johnny confidentially.

Jessica blushed.

"Well I should get going, I have a flight to catch tomorrow. It was awesome seeing you guys. We should catch up sometime again soon," said Geek, getting up to leave.

"Thanks for coming over Geek. If you need anything let us know, or let us know the next time you're in New York," said Johnny, pulling Geek into a hug.

"Thanks man, I will," said Geek, returning his hug.

He then turned to Jessica, smiled, and hugged her.

"You'll do great JJ," he whispered.

"Thank you Geek," she whispered back.

He smiled at them and turned and walked out the door. Johnny locked it, looked at his sister, and wrapped her into a hug.

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