Love at first sign|| michael clifford

"I don't sign" "I don't read lips"


3. Chapter three: Famous?

 Amy POV.
We all sat down and I singed in relief "finally, we haven't sat down since we came!" They all laughed at me "hey,Maite and i will get the food what do you guys want?" Briana asked "umm Jamie and I will have a cheese burger with fries, Nachos, vanilla ice cream, and a slice of pizza" Jamie giggled at briana and maite's face. "Man you guys can eat, why don't you guys get fat?" I looked at Jamie. "We'll UNlike some lazy people we do exercise every day" Jamie stated. "Well then, we'll be back with your food" Briana graved maite's arm and dragged her. Jamie and I laughed "so I've been wanting to ask you if it's okay if I asked mom to paint my room lilac?" I gave Jamie a confused look. "Why would.." I was interrupted by a guy "hello do you mind if we sit here with you guys?" I looked up and see two very tall guys standing in front of me and Jamie. "Um...yeah" I managed to chock out. The green haired boy sat next to Jamie and the blonde one next to me. "So whats your name?" The green haired one asked Jamie. "Her name is Jamie and I'm her sister Amy" I informed him. Blondy gave me a confused look "you guys look nothing alike?" I giggled at him. "She's adopted" they oh'ed "so what are you two lovely girls doing alone?" Green hair boy asked looking at Jamie. Shit 
Jamie POV. 
What are they saying? I looked back and forth from Amy to green head over here. Then green beans looks at me and I looked at Amy. I don't want people to know I'm def I hate there sympathy. Amy got up and quickly signed. "Um I think we should leave them alone" Amy graved blondys hand and walked to the table behind green hair. I see he said something and I looked over at Amy "he wants to know why you came" I looked back at him. "I don't think I should be giving to much info to strangers?" Green head laughed he then stretched his hand out, I looked at Amy "hi my name is Michael" I smiled "I like the name Michael" he blushed and looked at the ground. I feel the table shake I turn to see Maite. "Hey, um this is Michael" I said looking at her. She looked like she'd just seen a ghost. She's started signing. "OMG!!! I know who he is, OMG!!" I looked at him and he smiled at her. "Um do you guys know each other?" I see briana come "hey Jamie where's........ OMG Michael what are you doing here" I'm so frustrated. "Okay I'm confused and this is getting annoying how do you guys know who he is?" I looked at them all. Amy came back with blondy "hey what's going on?" I rolled my eyes "I've been asking that" they all sat down and Briana began to explain. "Ok Amy and Jamie this is Michael and Luke they are in a band, I know them because there touring with zayn and Maite knows them because she's a huge fan" I looked at the two tall guys. Luke started talking and everyone looked at me. I guess he asked about the whole hand gestures we've been doing "I'm def" Luke blushed and Michael looked confused he started talking I looked at Amy she signed "I don't sign" I looked back at Michael "I don't read lips" he looked at me. I quickly got up "I'm sorry if I'm not the girl you were expecting" I walked away from the table I feel someone following me. Must be Amy I start feeling the tear roll down my eyes I quickly turn around and hugged Amy. "I just want people to treat me like anyone else Amy, I'm human, not some poor little girl who needs people's sympathy, I wish people could see it"
Michael POV. 
I watched as Amy walks away. I quickly got up and graved brianas hand. We followed her, she then stopped and hugged me and started sobbing  "I just want people to treat me like anyone else Amy, I'm human, not some poor little girl who needs people's sympathy, I wish people could see it" my heart broke for the first time ever in my entire life. I meet someone who feels the same as me. I gave her a light squeeze and pet her head "I feel the same" I whispered I slowly pushed her away and she looked up at me and froze "I'm sorry I thought you were Amy" she blushed and quickly wiped away her tears. "Hey it's okay" I said and then looked at briana she translated. Jamie looked at me and smiled "I like you, your something different" Jamie giggled and patted my shoulder. I laughed "I've been told" briana translated Jamie smiled at me. I hear shouting I turn around and see Ashton, Luke, and calum running my way I looked behind them and see a bunch of girls. "Crap" I looked at Jamie and smiled then at briana "hey bri I have to go but tell her it was nice meeting her and could you bring her to one of our concerts?" Briana simply nodded and I began to run "man I hate being famous!" I shouted and them ran to my car
Amy POV. 
Michael and briana went after Jamie which left me ma.. "Hey guys ill be right back" maite went off just me and Luke. " were did you learn how to sign?" Luke asked awkwardly. I giggled "my mom was a teacher for def people and I guess i just stuck with it" I looked at the food in front of me "hey are you hungry?" I looked at Luke he was looking at me already. He blushed and nods his head. I passed him Jamie's food and Luke's eyes widen "wow you can eat!" I looked at the food in front of me and felt embarrassed "umm I mean how can you eat all of this with out gaining any weight?" I blushed "I work out as you guys like to call it, but I don't lift weights I mean I can barely carry a text book" Luke started laughing. "Um sorry to interrupt but where's Michael?" I look up to see a blonde curly haired boy. I looked back at Luke "is this one of your band mates?" Luke nodded "why do you need Michael?" Curls looked at Luke as if he were suppose to know "concert in 2 hours. Dose that ring a bell Lucas?" Curl thumped Luke on the head "hey that's not nice!" I stated. Curls looked at me "stay out of it yea?" "Ashton don't talk to her like that!" Luke got up and faced Ashton. "Aww Luke's in love with a girl he just meet, come on Luke this isn't a story you guys just literally meet!" Luke graved Ashton I butted in "hey no need for a fight" I sat my hands on Luke's chest and slowly pushed him away. Luke slowly started to relax "ok now.." Ashton jumped on top of Luke, I shouted which caused everyone to look at us "hey guys stop" a black haired guy came in and pushed them off of each other. I ran over to Luke "are you ok?" I scanned his face there's no cuts. "I'm ok babe" my heart started beating, Luke blushed realizing what he just said "um...... I mean..." I softly laughed "it's ok it feels nice being called babe" Luke looked at me and smiled. I hear screaming I turn to see a bunch of girls running toward us. I hear Luke and the other guys whisper at the same time "shit" they started running I watched them ran off I sighed and sat down "there goes Prince Charming" I looked at the table "well I can't let this food go to wast" I started stuffing my face with food. 

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