Love at first sign|| michael clifford

"I don't sign" "I don't read lips"


1. Chapter one: My story

Love at first sign || Michael Clifford 
Chapter one: My story 
Life gives only the strongest people obstacles and some of theses obstacle scar us for life. I'm Jamie and I'm a survivor from one of theses many 'obstacles'
Height: 5'7 
Weight: 150 
F/m: female 
Colour: white 
Eye: Blue 
Hair: brown
Age: 17
Back info: 
Was born in a small house in Sydney. Parents are Robert and Alex Roman. Was raised for most of her life in the West rehabilitation center. Was later adopted by Julia wilder, has a young daughter named Amy wilder the same age as Jamie. Now lives in the out skirts of Sydney. 
My tragedy happened when I was 10 years old. Im a survivor from a car accident that not only left me with out my parents but also left me deaf. I was sent to a rehabilitation Center were I leaned how to sign. I lived there for about 3 years till my angels Julia and Amy came along. They adopted me and loved me ever since. I'm very luck to have them. Amy and I really got along. We have a lot in common like the same taste in music, same scenes in style, and same size in everything. Amy and I are on our way to school. Amy and myself are old enough to drive but ever since my accident and since amy heard about my story we rather not take a chance so, now everyday at 6 we walk to school which isn't that far but since we're lazy people it takes us forever to get there. Also every morning we stop at this little coffee shop at the end of our street and may I say they sell the best hot chocolate. I sat down on our usual seat which is outside it has a nice view of the people. i see kids from our school start there walks to school. I see Amy with my hot chocolate. I smiled and thanked her. We talked, well I mostly talked. Since I wasn't born deaf I could talk but the people would have to sign back, it's a complicated thing. I'm starting to learn how to lip read. But I'm not that good. "we have to go now" Amy signed to me. Quickly sipped the last of my hot chocolate and got up. We continued our walk to school. Amy and I have every single class the same and not because our mom wanted it to be like that, but because the school does this weird alphabetical order thing that I rather not explain cause it's already boring itself. We walked in to our English class I love English but I hate this class cause every time I get an answer right the teacher alway has to put me out there like 'you guys should learn a thing or too from Jamie she's smart and yet she has a disability but that doesn't stop her' ugh I just want to be treated like a normal girl. Why can't everyone see I'm just like anyone else?
Michael POV. 
Why can't everyone see I'm just like anyone else? I'm not just 'Famous' Im a person who breath just like everyone, sleeps, eats, feels, and has a heart. I just want to be with people who want to be with Michael not Michael Clifford from 5SOS. It's hard to find friends who don't use you for your fame. My thoughts were interrupted by Calum "Hey Michael the lads and I are going out wanna tag along?" I rolled my eyes. "Why so we can get mobbed and be forced to come back? No thank you" Calum looked at me "hey are you ok?" I sighed. "Yea man don't mind me I just need some sleep"  "you sure cause I could tell the guys to go so you don't have to be alone?" "No it's cool just go have fun" Calum looked at me unsure. I waved him off. He smiled and waved goodbye. At least they love me for me. 
Jamie POV. 
The bell for lunch rang only two more classes. Amy and i graved our lunch and walked over to our usual table and waited for our friends Briana and Maite. I have Maite for math, briana for history, and for chemistry I have both. I watched as Maite and briana walked our way. They set there lunch down "hello" they waved and said to Amy and I. "Hey guys" amy and I said back. "Hey Jamie and Amy me and Maite were think we should go shopping for the dance that coming up in two weeks" Maite said/signed with excitement. Oh yea I totally forgot about the senior dance and there's only two months left till we graduate. We already took our test and we're just waiting for our results. "Yea I think that sounds fun but when?" I asked. "Right after school" briana signed. I looked over at Amy but she just shrugged. "Umm ok that sounds good but I would have to ask my mom" Maite and briana smiled at each other. "I'll call mom" Amy got up and walked away. "So do you guys know who your going with?" I curiously asked Maite and briana, "um I'm going with Alex and we all know briana's going with" I laughed at briana's facial expression. "Jealous?" Briana signed/said. "Briana it's okay your like dating one of the hotties guys in school" I told her and she turned into a light shade of red. "And yes we're jealous" Maite signed. We all laughed, I started to wonder about Amy she's been gone for quite a long time.
Amy POV. 
My back hit the lockers pretty hard and I wined in pain. "Aww poor little Amy's in pain,Amy do us a favour and just stop being a slut ya?" Amanda said and all her friends laughed. I nod and she let go of me. She walked away with her friends. I rubbed my back and started walking toward Jamie. "Hey what took you long?" Jamie asked. "Oh I was just asking mom something" I lied I sat next to her and smiled. "So who are you going to take to the dance Amy?" They all focused their attention on me. "Umm.....I'm....not..erm...sure" I looked at my feet, no one would take someone as ugly and worthless as me to any dance let alone in public. I feel a hand on my back "we can go together since I don't have a date?" I smiled at Jamie .she and my mom are the only reason why I haven't just ended my life yet. "Sure" the bell rang and we all left to our next class.

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