Love at first sign|| michael clifford

"I don't sign" "I don't read lips"


4. Chapter four: concert

Chapter four: Concert Important: Im changing the part were i wrote about briana dating the hotties guy in school to "the hotties guys in the world" that's all Amy POV. We all got into the car in silence. But I couldn't stop thinking about Luke, I know it's crazy but I like him. He's just not like other guys, there's just something different about him that attacks me to him. Ugh I just can't explain it. "So that was someday. Am I right?" Briana started of the conversation. "Yeah kinda crazy" Jamie continued "briana your friends are kind weird is all I have to say" I said rolling my eyes. "Luke seemed to be kinda into you" Maite said joying to conversation. "Agree, and he's cute. He's prefect for Amy" I blushed. "Yea think so??" Jamie gigged "yes,of corse" no he can't like me? I mean we just met. "Yeah I doesn't matter anyway it's not like we're ever going to see them again" I rolled my eyes and crossed my legs "about that?....." Briana began "you see zayn is in town and there going to be here for about a month,so you guys might have to get use too them for awhile" Jamie POV. "Ugh" Amy huffed. "Amy I may be death but I can still see your expressions when you huff, what's up?" Amy turned and faced me "I don't like that Ashton guy" Ashton? We never met an Ashton "who's that?" "Some jerk that does like me. you'll meet him pretty soon" Amy looked away, what did I do. "Ok so since we have no plans for today I was thinking lazy day at our house" I informed Briana and Maite. "Well I was hoping you guys would come with me somewhere?" An hour later Amy POV. I stood outside with Jamie waiting for Briana and Maite. "I can't believe you talked me into this" Jamie giggled "Amy your going to have to face them some day I mean briana did say that we'd be seeing them often" I rolled my eyes I hate when she's right. "Fine but did I really have to wear this dress?" It was my moms. It's a too layered dress the top layer is black and the second layer is pink with a par of black heals. "Yes Amy we have to look pretty" I rolled my eye. I'm not pretty I'm ugly and it's true. A car slowly approached us "Amy, Jamie?" I looked over at Jamie she was smiling like an idiot "yes that's us" Jamie answered. The man came out of the car and smiled widely at us he then opened the back door revealing briana and Maite. "Hey guys" Briana said "what's all this?" Jamie asked "oh zayn hired a driver to take us to the concert. Isn't it great?!" I rolled my eyes "zayn shouldn't have. I mean we could have driven over by ourselves." I looked out the window "what's wrong Amy? You seem a little mad?" Maite asked. I sighed "I don't know guys, I'm sorry" I turned to face them "it's ok,your probably just overwhelmed by everything that's happening" briana said "yeah, maybe your right." I can't be mad at them forever. "So has zayn bought his tux yet?" Jamie asked "um I think so but zayn says it's a surprise" we all laughed "what?" Briana asked "oh come on,we all know that 'it a surprise' or 'yes don't worry' means that he don't have it" maite said. Briana frowned "we're here" the driver announced. "Well we're here"
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