Love at first sign|| michael clifford

"I don't sign" "I don't read lips"


5. Chapter five: I'm deaf not blind

We walked into the stadium and see a bunch of girls sitting down. I graved Amy's arm. "This is incredible and all but I think I'm having second thoughts about this" Amy laughed and signed "Jamie your the one who wanted to come so?" She shrugged and continued to giggle. Amy POV.  
We made our way backstage and there were not to many people maybe a few 5 or 4. "OMG it's briana" One girl said coming towards us "OMG can I have your autograph?" She asked taking out a pen and a picture of zayn and briana holding hands. "Sure"briana graved the girls pen and signed. "Thank you so much and can I just say I love you" briana giggled "thanks" the girl smiled and started walking away but then stopped "oh and I would keep an eye on that perrie girl, I think she's got something up her sleeves" and with that she continued walking away. "Who's perrie?" Maite asked "just some girl that zayn knows and was possibly engaged to him" briana said mumbling the last part "wait What?!" Maite shouted in confusion "he was engaged to her ok!?" Briana said walking away from us" "OMG can you believe this Jamie" Maite stopped signing "what?" I question "where's Jamie?" sHiT
Jamie POV 
I pushed my way through a group of girls. I can't believe I got lost and that the girls haven't realised yet, I finally reached the entrance. I tried to walk in but two large hands stopped me by pulling me. "HEY GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!!" I shouted while squirmed around. Suddenly everyone seem to stop I was put down, I dusted myself off but soon was lifted up and thrown over someone's shoulders and was carried off "well ain't I a lucky girl" and person chuckled. I was taken to a room the person set me down and I finally saw it was Michael. He smiled at me I playfully pushed him "you know I can walk right?" He laughed and saw something but then quickly put his hand on his mouth. He then looked all around the room. I guess he's trying to 'communicate' with me. I looked all around the room and see a white board on a table right in front of him. I rolled my eyes "Michael I'm deaf not blind" Michael stared at me for awhile, I rolled my eyes and pointed at the white board. He oh'd and grabbed it and started writing. He then flipped over the board 'are you here alone?' I looked back at him "Nope,just got lost in the crowd" he began to write 'oh' "yupp" I said making a popping noise at the end. I sighed and sat on the couch Michael walked over and sat next to me. I looked around the room but looked more at the stuff around the room the the really cool frames or the wallpaper. My eyes them landed on two huge but small speakers and then I got an idea. "Hey can I hear one of your songs?" Michael gave me a confused look. "Just come" I got up and grabbed Michael's hand and pulled him to the speakers. "Just put some music on" he quickly took out his phone and connected it and played a song. I smiled and set my hand on the speaker,shut my eyes and just felt the vibrations. I feel a light tap and opened my eyes to see the board 'what are you doing? [•_•]' I giggled at the little face "you don't always have to hear music to like it most people like a song based on the way the beats make them feel" 'oh I see' I smiled "bye the way I liked that song what's it called?" I said pulling my hands away from the speakers 'it one of our old songs its called Beside You' I smiled "I loved it" 'thanks hey the shows gonna start in like 5 wanna start going?' I smiled "yea" Michael grabbed my hand and we began to walk. 


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