People always trying to escape it. Move on to stop their heart breaking. But there's nothing I'm running from. You make me strong.


2. Prolouge

He was watching me. I was dying. Fading away, light as a feather. I was draining of life. I was drowning. My eyes were droopy as my lungs were burning. I kept inhaling water instead of exhaling. I kept on breathing in, I was sinking like an anchor. I am too tired to swim up. I'm already too deep to swim back up. I tried to grasp something, but I can't even feel the water. I can't see anything around me. My life is all just a blur. My mouth was full with dirty water. I haven't slept in forever. My eyelids kept drooping, but I just couldn't fall asleep, yet I can't stay awake a moment longer. I am going to die. I am going to drown. All I remember is getting pulled above water.

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