Daddy is that you?

Daddy? Is that you? You came back?
(Non famous fanfic)


3. is this home?

Niall's POV

It's her fault, she is the reason why she is gone.

Stella's POV

I woke up to the smell of bacon. Yummy my fav!

I run down the giant stairs and make my way into the kitchen, "morning umm, dad?" Not sure what to say. "Niall, call me Niall." He responded. "So when do I start school Niall?" I ask my father, whale Umm Niall. "You are starting today. I have you signed up and your starting today, your just gonna be late." Wow he had a convo with me.. That's new.

"Eat." Is all he said, and a plate full of bacon and eggs.


School, is, so, boring! Ugh! I miss my old school. At least I had friends. Well a friend. Here the girls and boys call me mean names and the older girls push me down. It's not fun.....


It's bed time, and so I'm getting ready for bed. And Niall comes in, he looks mad again. "Please, n-not today!" I cry. "Shut it." He growls.


AN: sorry that I have not updated in like a while I have been busy gettin school crap and all. Please not that this chapter has not been edited. Sorry for any errors.

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