Daddy is that you?

Daddy? Is that you? You came back?
(Non famous fanfic)


4. her..

After a night of terror, I decide that I can't aleep.. I get out of bed and look around 'home'. I see a picture of a lady, she kind of looks like me. She has blond hair chocolate brown eyes. We look the, same..

"What are you doing!?" Niall screams. "I-I'm sorry I was j-just looking.." I cry. "Who is she?" I ask. "That's your mother." He says nicely. "The mother you killed! If you were never born she would of never died! It's your fault! It was always your fault!" He screamed. He grabbed me by the arm and pushed me against the wall. He then started to hit me and punch me. I cry and he doesn't seem to care.. Then very thing went black..


AN: sorry that I haven't updated. I been but with school and all. And sucky chapter I know. And short. But I hope this will do for now.

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