Being Human

Rating: 13+
Action Violence, Scenes of Torture, Attempted Suicide, and Medical Imagery:::
All her life, aside from the 10 of her 17 years she can't remember due to a strange case of amnesia, Asheik has noticed an undercurrent of something wrong. The Purpose Organization is in control of everything. They see your every move, hear everything you say, and sometimes even manipulate how you think. But when by chance she meets Drake, a young refugee, she and her friend, Phaiara, know something is definitely wrong. With the Government now chasing the three of them, they are forced to uncover the Government's deeply buried past, and how it may be tied to them, if they plan on having any future.


1. Intro/Summary

World War III began in the year 2014, when the president of the United States fired missiles at Syria, setting off a chain of events that caused a 35-year-long war. In the year 2050, Xavier Aerthas II stepped up and offered the world a system to end the war. He presented them with technology much more advanced than anything the scientists of the day had ever seen. He united the world under his systems, and created a One World Government called the Purpose Organization dedicated to peace, prosperity, and the well being of all. Or so they say.

"Being Human" is the story of 17-year-old Asheik, an orphan of the years circa 2100. Her tale begins with her awakening in the middle of the forest on June 1st of her 10th year: and she remembers nothing. Amnesia thickly veiling every moment prior, she is discovered by authorities and, being unable to identify her parents, is thrust into the system.

Now, seven years later, she still has yet to find a family. Her sole friend, Phaiara, is her only refuge from her feelings of abandonment, loneliness, and the gut feeling of something being terribly wrong. The Government is in control of everything. They see your every move, hear everything you say, and sometimes even manipulate how you think. She is told that it was because of the war. Despite how everyone seems to trust this Aerthas III, Asheik feels it's all just too good to be true.

When Drake, a young refugee, stumbles upon Asheik, they discover that they have much more in common than seems possible. Drake shares a secret with her that both confirms her fears and changes both of their lives forever.

On the run from the Feds, Asheik, Drake, and Phaiara begin a quest to discover the truth: who are they really? Why are the Feds so desperate to find them? What are these mystical powers they seem to have inherited out of no where? Where can they go?

There is no hiding from the truth. In order to live, they must tear themselves apart from everything they know. Nothing is as it seems, and nothing can EVER be taken for granted. Not even their own humanity.

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