More than this 2

Here's the 2 book to more than this


6. hospital

Emma's POV


We are on our way to the hospital, I can barely move cause Harry is leaning his head on my shoulder sleeping. All you can hear from him is lightly snoring. We are like 5 minutes far from the hospital.


Niall's POV

we are at the hospital waiting to go see Miranda. I hope she is ok, she is my life she is amazing, beautiful. She knows how to make me smile.

"Ok who is here for Miranda?" The Nurse said

"I am ma'am Can I go see her?" I asked

"Yes She is right in here," The Nurse instructed

"Hey Niall, Why do you look like you have been crying, I'm fine." Miranda said

"I know but I care for you and I don't want to loose yo, you are all I got,". I said

"You have Emma, the boys , your family,". Miranda said

"My family never talk to me ever since i became famous,"  I said 

"NIall dont cry Im always here for you,  did they tell you when I can leave,'' Miranda asked 

"THey say you have to stay for 3 hours,"  I said 

"But Im already better,"  

:I know but they dont want to chance it incase it happens again,"I said

"OK,"  MIranda said 

A/N  Ok sorry for the late update Ill try better since school started so i hope you liked this chapter and if you want too I made another movellas called "Never Mess With Us" go read it 


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