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4. Are they going to forgive each other?

  Liam POV

"Hi,"  Desi said 

"Hi," I said well this is going ti be awkward 

We just sat there for 2 minute until I spoke up

"Desi Im so sorry,  I was about to say earlier that shes not annoying that she just used me for Money and Fame basicly I don't know if you know this but when me and her were in middle and High school I asked her out like 22 times and she rejeted me al those times i asked her out, but then she found out I was famous and she asked me out and about a month later I found out that she was just using me, I thought that I liked her but I don't like her anymore, I love you and only you, Nobody else, just you,"  I said I saw Desi tear up and leaned forward to give me hug but I changed that I gave her a long Pastionate kiss. until They all barged in.

"so Li Li Whats for dinner?" Niall asked

"Excuse me thats my nickname for Liam, find another nickname to call him!"  Emma shouted

"Ok Ok Gesh," Niall said putting his hand up in defence.


Nialls POV


    Miranda is coming over to have dinner with us and we are all going to have a Movie and Game night and a Sleepover.  When we were cooking dinner we were blasting Really don't care on by Demi Lovato 

"You wanna Play, you wanna stay you wann have it all

You started messing with my head untill i hit a wall

Maybe I should of know, maybe i should of known

That you would walk, you would walk out the door, Hey!

  ~5 Seconds Later~

"but even when the stars and move collied 

I never want you back into my life 

You can take you words and all your lies 

Oh oh oh I really dont care

Wven if the stars and moon collide 

I never want you back into my life

You can take your word and all your lies 

Oh oh oh I really dont care 

Oh oh oh I really dont care"


After wen the song was about to finish, Miranda was here!  I was waiting all day for her to come over.

"Hey Miranda!" I said 

"Hi You looked pretty cute dancing to Really dont care,"  Miranda said 

"Oh you saw that," I said blushing

"Yup every little bit," She said

"The food is ready, lets go eat, Im starving!" I yelled

"Your are always starving!"  Emma said 

"Emma, You know me so well,"  I said while putting my hand over my chest while faking crying.

"Yup thats why we are besties!" She said

"I thought we were besties!" Harrys whined

" are my boyfriend, you are obviously my bestie," mEmma said

After dinner we all played Truth or Dare, Emma was first.

"Ok let me see umm Desi Truth or Dare,". Emma asked


"If you could be Best Friends besides me with anyone here, Who would it be, Oh and Besides Liam?"  Emma asked 

Emmas POV 

"If you could be  Best Friends besides me with anyone here, who would it be, Oh and besides Liam?" I aske d

"Well Louis looks like he would be a crazy and wild Best Friend so I pick Louis!"  Desi said

"Yaaassss, I have a New Best Friend!!"  Louis said 

"See what I mean,' Desi said 

"Ummlet me see, Zayn, Truth or Dare?" Desi asked

"Dare," Zayn said 

"I dare you too jump in the Pool with only your underwear on!" Desi said 

"Do I have too?"  Zayn asked

"Well you picked dare," Desi said

"Ugh okay," Zayn said as he got up and took off everything beside his underwear and walked to the pool

"On the the count of three you will jump,....1....2....3...JUMP!!!"  I said

"AAAAAAHHHH," Zayn Yelled 'Who pushed me in?" 

"It was me!"  Louis said 

"Oh you are gonna get it!' Zayn said as he got out,'

"Lets go night swimming, im gonna go change!" I said 

"Lets just stay in the clothes we have on now," Harrys said 

"OK,"  I said

Once we were in the pool we were playing chicken and I was on Harrys shoulders Of course! Perrie is on Zayns shoulders, Eleanor is on Louis shoulders , Miranda is on Nialls and Desi is on Liams shoulders.  It was me and Harry against Desi and Liam and the winner plays the next two people and whoever wins every game gets to throw the pie at every person at the end.  

It was pretty hard, Harry kept on moving back so I didn't get a chance to try to push Desi off.  He finally moved up so I tried to get Desi to fall in the water it took us like 20 minutes to get Desi off,  so Liam and Desi lost now its me and Harry against Louis and Eleanor,   Now this one is took like 5 minutes , Louis couldn't hold on to Eleanor  anymore so he just dropped her in the water.  Now uts me against Perrie,  About ten minutes Perries pushed me into The water.  Perrie is now against Miranda,  MIranda kept on trying until she pushed Perrie into the water now she is the Winner.  We al just stood there and waiteed to get pie smashed on our face. 

After we got all the pie off our faces, we wet downstairs to watch a movie.  We were little kids and we watched Teen Beach Movie sence that was already on.  

~ 1 hour later~

  I felt Harry pick me up and brought me up into the room and laid me down next to him as he wrapped his arms around me.  Later in the night Niall came and rushed into the room.

"Emma! Harry!  Miranda is really sick! Wake up!"  Niall yelled 

"How is she sick!" I screamed 

"I don't know just come on!" 

"Ok Im coming,"  I said as I tried to wake Harry, I tried everything but he wouldn't wake up.  But thees one thing I didn't do. I leaned down and gave him a kiss

 A/N. Okay I hope you like this chapter I worked hard on it!











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