Ziam OneShots

Okay so I randomly get ziam oneshot ideas so this will be the collection of them each only a chapter long.


1. Artist!Zayn and ConstructionWorker!Liam

"Hello I called to make an appointment about two weeks ago for you to do a mural on my teenage son's wall, I was just calling today to make sure that is still on" the lady says over the phone. "Yes ma'am I will be on my way shortly if that's good for you" I offer and she says "sounds wonderful, thank you dear" and she hangs up. I pull up the directions to the ladys house and drive to it. When I arrive I hop out and open the back door and reach in on the seat and grab my painting backpack, which is just the fancy name I call my Batman backpack from grade school that I use to lug all my paints and brushes and other supplies around. I turn to walk to the house after I grab my stuff and as I turn there is a guy that looks to be about my age standing with a giant power tool in his hands and a construction belt slung loosely on his hips, he has strong back muscles and giant biceps that he is using to push the tool roughly into the concrete. I watch him for awhile, still not seeing his front but deciding that he's fit as hell. His white t-shirt clings to his back and his dark blue jeans fit loosely around his legs. "Oh hello dear why don't you come with me inside" the client says, and takes me out of my trance. "Yeah okay" I say and follow her inside. "Alright so here's the story, a few years ago our family went on a trip to Chicago and ever since then my son has been infatuated with everything having to do with Chicago so as a surprise for this new house and new room for him I was wondering if you could paint the Chicago skyline on this wall" the client explains, and points to a dark blue wall in the room we are in which as she explained is her teenage sons. "Yeah I can do that no problem" I say to her. "Trisha said you've done amazing work all over your house so I have faith in your mothers word that you will do an ace job on this wall" she says. "Yes ma'am I will, I can have it done by tonight" I say as I look at my watch, still very early in the morning. "Brilliant i'll swing by tonight with Anthony and show him when you're done." She says and heads out the door. I pull out a few things from my bag. I look around for my dock for my iPod and I can't find it anywhere in my bag. I start to head down back to my car to get it because God knows I can't work without music, but I hesitate because that insanely attractive bloke is outside. I slowly walk out and he sees me and gives me a slight wave. His soft brown eyes speak kindness and his short brown quiff and minor facial scruff shows me he's about the same age as me. I wave back and instead of walking to my car I walk over to him and say "hello, I'm Zayn" and I honestly don't know where it came from but it's said already and I can't do anything about it. "I'm Liam" he says. "That looks complicated" I say and immediately regret it. Complicated? I ask myself, that's what you say? "It sort of is, have you ever used one before?" He asks. "Nah mate I don't even know what it's called" I say laughing at the end, he laughs too and says "it's called a Jackhammer... Would you like to try?" He asks, and I hesitate. "C'mon just put your hands here" and he puts my left hand on the machine "and your other hand here" and puts my right hand on the other side of the jackhammer. He stands behind me and I feel my skin get hot and then he puts his hands I top of mine and says "ready?" And I nod and then he pulls the trigger. Thank goodness he is behind me cause I never could have held this thing, it weighs about million pounds and I'm not the fittest as far as blokes go. The machine roars on for awhile chipping the concrete and I try to focus more on where the jackhammer is going than the hands on mine and the chest pushed up against my back. The machine slows to a stop and Liam's hands let go and he puts the machine down. "Well check that one off my list" I say, and do a check gesture in the air "used a jackhammer" I say and he laughs a sweet and innocent laugh. "So what are you doing here?" He asks, pointing at the house. "I paint and stuff so she hired me to paint summat on her sons wall" I say, and think about how I should probably be doing that. "That's really cool mate, I've gotta finish that but maybe I'll stop up and see how it's going in a bit" he says and I nod, and he gets back to chipping at the concrete. I get the dock out of my car and bring it back upstairs and plug my iPod into it and hit shuffle. I google images for the Chicago skyline and I save one and begin outlining in pencil the buildings, and after that's done I mix a few paints to get the colour I want. I begin with dark strokes, ones that go along with the darkness of the song that's playing through the speakers and singing "I know you got the anger of a burning sun, say hold up just a minute don't burn me down" and I begin to paint. It comes so smoothly to me and it makes me feel like a thief to the client paying me because why should you charge someone money for expressing yourself and releasing stress? When the buildings are all filled in and I begin on windows and shading Liam comes up. He smiles when he sees me and he points to my dock and says "I love Timberlake" nodding along to sexy back. "Wow mate that looks brill" and he stares at the painting. "Thanks" I say to him and keep going. "You ever painted?" I ask him. "Shit stuff in art my last four years" is what he says. "Come here" I say and motion him to come stand in front of me. He obliges and I put the brush I am using in his hand and grab his wrist and stand behind him just like he did with me outside "you taught me your trade, I'll teach you mine" I say and begin to swipe the brush on the wall. It goes just as smooth as when I do it and I can see him beaming. When we finish the John Hancock building I pull my hand off his wrist and he takes away from the wall. "Wow looks ace" he says and marvels at his work. "Oh you like batman!?" He asks and points to my backpack. "Yeah hardcore man" I say and he smiles wide "same" and for the rest of the day we talk, joke and smile, he giggles, I chuckle, and we create a friendship, or maybe more than that. 

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