Musa New Life

This story is the sequel to " Musa" I would highly recommend reading it before this one. It's about Musa's life after everything with Lord Umbra her marriage with Riven, and ruling the planet Melody as queen. Will her and Riven stay together? Can she really handle being in charge of a planet? You'll have to read to find out.


4. If You Need Anything Just Ask

Musa, Tecna, and Allegro went to the mall to start their shopping day. Musa was planning on buying a few things for Allegro today, but if she ends up staying at the castle for a while Musa wants to take her shopping again. First they went to kids clothing store. They let Allegro look around until she found a section she wanted to look in. They got to the shirt section and Musa Tecna helped Allegro pick out five shirts and two dresses  so she would have one clean every day for a week. Allegro picked out a green tank top with a white bow on the front of it, a light blue t- shirt with a music note on it, a pink long-sleeve shirt, a layer tank top with each layer being a different color of the rainbow,  a black t-shirt with two butterflies on it,  a light blue dress with black polka dots, and a dress with a flower pattern on it. After that they went to the pants, shorts, and skirts section. Allegro picked out a pair of  light pink shorts, a pair of black leggings, a black skirt, a pair of leggings with My Little Pony characters on them, a light blue pair of skinny jeans, and a pair of denim skinny jeans. Then they went to the shoes section and got a white pair of converse, a black pair of flats, and a pink pair of flip flops.

The three of them left that outlet and went to the salon that on the other side of the mall. Tecna went to the spa section of it while Musa and Allegro went to the side for hairdressing.  A hair dresser was standing by one of the seat and told Allegro to sit down in the seat.

Hair dresser- What can I do for you young lady

Allegro looked over at Musa.

Musa- Just wash it, blow dry it, and brush first please

Hair dresser- ok, so do you want anything done to your hair today Queen Musadora

Musa- I don't think so and you can just call me Musa if you want to

Hair dresser- ok

A little while later after Allegro's hair was dry and brushed  they saw just how  long her hair really was. It went all the way the down to the bottom of her back.

Musa- Do you want your hair to stay that length or do you want it to be shorter

Allegro- Shorter but I don't want it to be to short

Musa- Cut it so it's a little less then half way down her back please

Hair dresser- ok

While the hair dresser was doing that Musa started talking to Allegro about how she wanted it to be styled.

Musa- do you just want to leave it down

Allegro- no

Musa- do you want it to be in a ponytail

Allegro- not really

Musa- do you want her to curl it for you

Allegro- no

Musa- how about if she braided it for you

Allegro- yea can it be a side one

Musa- yea

Before the hair dresser even got told what to do she had started braiding Allegro's hair. When she was done Musa took Allegro to a changing room so she could put on her new cloths. She put on the green tank top, pink shorts, and pink flip flops then went to the spa section to relax with Tecna. Tecna was getting her feet rubbed while someone else was painting her finger nails. After the three of them were done in the spa they decided it was time to leave the mall.

Musa- Do you guys want to go somewhere and eat or  go to the castle

Tecna - Let's eat and then go to the castle

After they ate and got to the castle it was dark already. They walked through the front gates and a guard stopped them when they got to the door.

Guard- Hello Tecna

Tecna- Hey

Guard- Who's the little girl

Musa- I found her on the street this morning and I couldn't leave her there she's harmless

Guard- Are you sure

Musa- Yes

Guard- Ok I guess I'll let you bring her into the castle

The three girl continued to walk into the castle and went to the living room and sat down.

Tecna- Is my stuff still here

Musa- Yea

Tecna- That's been here for a while

Musa- I think you should just say that room's yours

Tecna- I think I will

Ever since the guys left Tecna has been coming to Melody more often. She's actually going to stay there until they get back starting next week and a few weeks before the guys get back Flora is supposed to come and visit too.

Tecna- I think I'm going to stay here tonight and go to Zenith and pack some more of my things

Musa- Ok

Tecna walked up the stairs to her room.

Tecna- Good night Muse

Musa- Night Tec

Allegro- This place is really big

Musa- Yeah I've lived her since I was born and get turned around sometimes

Allegro- Can we look around sometimes

Musa- Sure we can tomorrow if you want to are you getting tired yet

Allegro- A little bit

Musa- Let's go find a room for you

Instead of taking the stairs they went to the elevator. They walked through the dinning room and down a hall with lots of big windows before they got to the elevator. They went to the fourth floor and Musa found a room she though Allegro would like. It was two rooms away from hers and was on the opposite side then Alex's. The room had a full size bed that had light green sheets on it. The room was painted a lavender color and it had white carpeting with a little bit of pink in it. There was a dresser, a mirror, a TV, and a radio in the room.

Musa- Do you like it

Allegro- Yes

Musa- My rooms down the hall if you need anything just ask

Allegro- Ok



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