Musa New Life

This story is the sequel to " Musa" I would highly recommend reading it before this one. It's about Musa's life after everything with Lord Umbra her marriage with Riven, and ruling the planet Melody as queen. Will her and Riven stay together? Can she really handle being in charge of a planet? You'll have to read to find out.


1. Alone

Musa woke up that morning and walked downstairs. It was so quiet around there. Chance had to leave to do some extra training at Red Fountain, Alex was going to different planets and kingdoms to talk to people and Riven was gone on a really long mission. The worst thing was that Riven and Musa aren't on good terms right now and they can't talk at all while Riven is gone. Before he left they had a fight about a few different things like if Riven really married Musa just to be a King, or if Musa married him so when she became queen he would do everything not her, and the worst one was about if they even loved each other.

Musa walked outside to the courtyard. It was beautiful it had flowers everywhere most of them where orchids, there was also a little sitting area, and beautiful pond with koi in it. She sat down and listened to everything a few minutes later a butler came out of the castle.

Musa- Hello

Butler- Hi can I get you anything

Musa- No and if I need anything I can get it myself you know

Butler- Yes mam

He walked quickly back into the castle and looked back at Musa before he went inside. Musa walked on a path that takes you to the the other side of the castle. There was a small staircase that took you to the ocean shore. Musa walked down the steps and sat be the water listening to it and think about every thing that has happened in the past month.


~Sorry it's so short I just wanted to publish this movella I probably won't work on it anymore for a while and I don't really have very many ideas for this story yet~

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