Musa New Life

This story is the sequel to " Musa" I would highly recommend reading it before this one. It's about Musa's life after everything with Lord Umbra her marriage with Riven, and ruling the planet Melody as queen. Will her and Riven stay together? Can she really handle being in charge of a planet? You'll have to read to find out.


3. A New Friend

Musa went back to the castle and got dressed. She put on a red t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans.She found a pair of tennis shoes and put those on to. She walked into the bath room and looked in the mirror above the counter. She opened the drawer, grabbed a ponytail, and pulled her hair up.

Musa walked back down to the main floor of the castle and got her phone. She had a message from Tecna that said to meet her in Melody park in an hour. Musa walked out the front door and through the gate.

Guard- Where are you going

Musa- To hang out with Tecna I'll be fine

Guard- Okay call if you need anything

Musa keep walking down the street. Some other people walking stopped to look at her and some stopped to wave.She was stopped when she felt someone tug on the back of her shirt. She turned around and saw a little girl with dark purple hair. The little girls hair was long but it was in clumps and in need of brushing. Her shirt was torn at the bottom and had dirty patches all over it. Her shorts  were torn at the bottom and had dirt and mud all over them. The little girl didn't even have shoes. Musa looked at her and smiled.

Musa- Hello

Little girl- Hi

Musa- What's you name

Little girl- Allegro

Musa- That's a beautiful name

Allegro- Thank you

Musa- What are you doing all alone

Allegro- I don't live with anyone

Musa- How old are you

Allegro- 5

Musa- Do you know where any of your family is

Allegro- No

Musa- We're do you live

Allegro- Any where I can sleep for free

Musa- How about you come with me for a little while

Musa looked down and saw that Allegro started to smile and that she lost her 2 front teeth already.

Allegro- Thank you

Musa- Your very welcome let's go say talk to my friend for a a few minutes

Allegro- Okay

Musa reached down and gently grabbed Allegro's hand and keep walking to meet Tecna.

A few minutes later they got to the park and saw Tecna sitting on a bench.

Musa- Hey Tec

Tecna- Hi who's your friend

Allegro- I'm Allegro

They sat down on the bench by Tecna.

Tecna- I just wanted to say hi to you its been forever since I've seen you

Musa- Yea it has been do you want to go shopping with Allegro and me later

Tecna- I would love to just don't tell Stella that we're shopping with out her


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