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1. sexual education

Sex Ed is about a girl named London and she wants to learn how to have sex so she can lose her virginity before graduation. The author of this book goes by the name of Ziallmyheaven this author is a very talented writer with a good looking future and I would not be surprised if someday this writer is writing real books and good ones to.

I don't "get into" many books because they are either written to fast for example someone who wrote what it was like to fly in an air plane in three word and then the story is also to hard to follow but sexual education kind of keeps you wanting more and more every time a new chapter. A girl by the name of "MRS styles ❤️" commented "Omg never stop writing you are amazing👏👏👏❤️"

This book does have a lot of romance and I think it could use a bit more action not to much where it becomes less romantic but just a bit and it is RATED RED 🔞 because it does contain sexual intercoarse but that's one of the things that makes it interesting the steamyness of the book but I would give this book a 8.7 out of 10 but yah

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