The Cube of Kantor

When a mysterious girl washes up on shore near Telion's village, he could never have imagined the adventures it would spark. He, a young Mage and she one of the few great dragon tamers left travel across Kantor, a magical world full of dragons and sorcery, in search of a magic cube.
Here we have Aldrin writing as Telion, and Madouc as Katiyana, at your service. So enjoy the tale we shall weave, we hope we won't disappoint!


5. The Glow in the Murky Depths - Telion

I walked out of the house, making my way down the stone steps of the cliff to reach the beach bellow. I even pushed passed some people making their way up the stairs, deserting their hopes from finding anyone else alive out on the beach. I kept trotting down to reach the sands where Markida and Caelin were the last people on the beach, also abandoning the search. Markida looked at me suspiciously as I walked past her.

"What are doing down here, Telion my boy?" I halted and turned to her.

"I'm going to keep looking. You never know, do you?" I replied. It was the first thing that came into my head, what else could I say?

"Fine. Good luck, but I doubt you will find anything else." she muttered, starting to stroll up the stairs. I twisted back to the sea, gently walking to the water's edge. But I hesitated before I took a step into it.

"There must be a better way in." I whispered to myself. If I walked in, diving out in the middle of the waters to such a depth would be suicidal. I needed a high point to pierce the water and get as low as I could, as quickly as I could. I looked to my left to a huge dormant rock, spiking out at the sea. The waves crashed on it, hurling water high into the air.

The rock was slimy and slippery as soon as I stood on it and I was starting to get second thoughts. Yet I still kept going up it, nearly falling face first onto the rock several times. As I reached the tip of the boulder, the waves still bombarding it underneath me, I looked down to about a 20m drop into the murky depths. I took a deep breath in and held it, leaping off with my hands out in front of me in a spike, ready to puncture the water's surface. I landed in with a small splash, and all the colours of the sea opened up to my eyes. Fish of gorgeous pinks and blues, coral with lush orange features and the cream coloured sand at the bottom. I was in a trance for a moment, until I clicked and turned to try and find the cube. I did a forceful breast stroke downwards to the bottom, where the crabs, lobsters and other creepy-crawlies of the deep lurked.

About a minute had pasted, but I still held onto my breath; this wasn't the first time I had dived for such time. I kept swimming forwards, dodging nipping crabs on the bottom, until I saw an eerie glow about a few meters away. I picked up the pase, getting closer and closer to the light. However, I wasn't the only one, as fish, lobsters and eels swarmed around it, mesmerised. At my approach, the fish fled in a dash, but a huge lobster with claws the size of my arms didn't budge, guarding it with his fierce temper. There was no way I was getting that cube without loosing an arm to his mighty pincers. I was hesitant at first, as it would probably take away all of my energy that held the air in my lungs, but it was the only risk I had. I blasted a huge torrent of water at the lobster, blowing it away like a leaf in the wind.

The glow penetrated through a small red satchel. I grabbed it, the air slowly depleting and so I hauled myself up to the surface with as much haste as I could muster. My body couldn't take it any more, and my mouth cracked open to try and get some kind of oxygen. I was so close to the surface, yet I could feel water pour down my throat. One more stroke, the water getting closer and closer to my lungs. I burst out of the water and inhaled more air than I had ever done before. The air and water battled the possession of my lungs inside of me, with the water getting overwhelmed and forced out of my body with deep coughs and hacks. I helped by bending it out of my mouth, and I could feel myself gag as it came out. But I had the satchel around my shoulder and across my body, and so I swam back to shore, shaking in the previous fear of drowning to help someone I had never met before.

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