The Cube of Kantor

When a mysterious girl washes up on shore near Telion's village, he could never have imagined the adventures it would spark. He, a young Mage and she one of the few great dragon tamers left travel across Kantor, a magical world full of dragons and sorcery, in search of a magic cube.
Here we have Aldrin writing as Telion, and Madouc as Katiyana, at your service. So enjoy the tale we shall weave, we hope we won't disappoint!


4. Lost Cube - Katiyana

“Oh. This is Minestone, along the southwest coast of Kaidda.”

Kaidda? My eyes widened in surprise.

“Thank you,” I said, my mind racing. We’d drifted further south than I’d thought. “How many of us have you found? Do you know?”

Telion fidgeted nerviously, looking down.

“I’m sorry.” He muttered. “So far, you’re the only one we’ve found alive. Before, you we thought you were all dead. Tamir! We thought you were dead.”

All dead. What about Lorena? Or Rodgar? Rodgar couldn’t be dead, could he? He was one of the greatest mages I’d ever met.

“What about Rodgar? A mage?” I asked, my voice sounding higher than usual.

“Mage?” Telion looked confused. “Well, we found the body of an old man on the beach. Whitish hair, green cloak, and big boots with fancy buckles?”

I gasped. Yes, that was him. How was I supposed to use the cube without him? Without his knowledge?

The Cube! How could I have forgotten? I looked around, frantically in desperation, hoping someone in this village must of found it.

“The Cube? Is it here? Have you seen it?” I asked in panic.


“The Cube. Glowing square thing? I had it! It was in a red satchel!”

“I’m sorry,” The boy replied. “I haven’t seen it.”

I pushed myself up, trying to fight through the dizziness. Before long, Telion placed a hand on my shoulder and pushed me back.

“Look. You need to rest. I’ll go find it once Markida returns. But for now, just go to sleep.”

He was right, I was exhausted. A few hours of rest couldn’t do any harm. Karina curled up by my neck, and I lay and watched Telion make dragons in the fire until I drifted off to sleep.

Maybe it’d be alright here, with the boy with the red scarf and the woman with an entire village under her thumb. At any rate, the Cube could wait until tomorrow. It’s not like it’s going anywhere.

For now at least.

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