The Cube of Kantor

When a mysterious girl washes up on shore near Telion's village, he could never have imagined the adventures it would spark. He, a young Mage and she one of the few great dragon tamers left travel across Kantor, a magical world full of dragons and sorcery, in search of a magic cube.
Here we have Aldrin writing as Telion, and Madouc as Katiyana, at your service. So enjoy the tale we shall weave, we hope we won't disappoint!


2. A Mysterious Girl - Telion

The girl still lay still, her hair drenched in seawater and coated in sand. The gem around her neck still glowed like a heartbeat, mesmerising one man who was drawn to it like a magnet, his eyes adhered to its pull. He approached her, looking either side with a smirk and reached out his hand to snatch it with his sticky hands. Inches away from his prize, the cat bounced on top of the girl's chest, hissing furiously. The cat's hop made the girl awake with a choke and a splutter, water spouting from her mouth. Markida dashed towards her, fending off the low life thief.

"Are you all right my dear?" she gasped. The girl rose up slowly, nodding her head gently. "Caelin! Take this girl to my hut immediately!" she called. Caelin, my cousin and dear friend, even if he is a bit foolhardy. Caelin dashed over to the scene, picking up the girl from under her knees and her back. The cat leaped off, following Caelin at his feet as he ran back to the village, with Markida flowing behind him. She turned her back to me. "Telion my boy, you better come along as well." I dashed after her, stepping in along side her.

As we reached the hut, Caelin kicked open the door carelessly, still with the mysterious girl in his arms. Markida pushed passed him with a foul scowl in her eyes at Caelin.

"Don't kick my door down boy! You'll break it!" Caelin looked very solemn at her, his tail inbetween his legs. 

"Sorry..." he muttered quietly. Like I said, he was not very bright. He walked past her, placing the girl on a soft bed. As soon as Caelin put her down, the cat instantly bounded up onto the bed next to her, curling up into a puffy ball close to her hip. The poor girl did not look well, slightly groaning and lightly moving her head.

"Telion," Markida turned to me, "go and get her some water from the well outside."

"Of course." I replied, dashing out of the door. There was a stone well a few meters away from Markida's house. It seemed there was already some water in it, but it looked nasty and cloudy, full of viruses and bacteria. I took the bucket, and placed it onto the floor, kneeling down in front of it. I concentrated, focusing myself. I managed to lift the water into a ball, out of the bucket and into the air. It bobbled around like a giant bubble, and I slowly started to move my hands away from each other, still glaring at the blob of water. After a few moments, the water and its impurities started to split apart as my hand got further and further apart, leaving an eerie and greenish mist as the bugs stared to fade away in the wind. Now clear and crystal, I put the water back into the bucket, and dashed back into the hut. I am a mage indeed. Most in this village find it hard to master even one spell, and they give in. But I found it easy, mastering the simplest spells within weeks. I never knew why, I guess I was born to it. A natural you may say.

"There you are Telion! Quickly now, put some water into the glass." Markida hurried, holding out a glass in front of her. I followed her orders and manage to bend a bit of water into the glass, filling it to about half way. She handed to the girl, who took it eagerly, yet still swallowed it elegantly and slowly. "Does that feel better now darling?" the girl swiped her lips nodded, laying back down onto the bed. "Excellent. I must head back down to the beach to try keep at least some order. Caelin, you come with me, Telion, you stay with the girl. I shall be back shortly." she declared before walking out of the door, with Caelin glumly following behind her.

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