Letters To A Stranger

Eve Brooks has three brothers. 3 of The Jansokians. Luke, Beau and Jai. Beau is her twin. Her friend Charlie is overseas for the summer holidays. Eve decides to send a letter to her. But it doesn't get to her... Find out who it goes to by reading Letters To A Stranger. But then again, How do 1D, 5SOS and The 1975 come into this?




I entered the flat and was instantly surrounded by the boys. 

"Where were you Eve? We were getting worried" Liam said definitely sounding worried. "Wait a second, something isn't right." He looked me up and down smirking as he did so. "Nice hair"

"Is that all you've got to say about the hair? Because personally I love it. I mean come on it is blue" I looked at their faces showing no emotion at all "I thought boys liked blue?"

"Ummm, Eve, can I talk to you privately?" Liam asked acting shy.

"If ya have to" I said walking towards Nicola's room. Where is Nicola? I need to text her and ask how she is.

I texted Nic and asked her where she was. She responded really fast saying she was staying at her boyfriends house for the next 3 days. I was fine with that. Liam walked into the room and sat next to me on Nicola's bed.

"Eve, I like you alot and it has taken me a week to talk to you alone, I was wondering do you want to go on a date sometime?" He asked a hell of alot shyer than he was before.

"Ummm, yeah, sure. But can it be incredibly secret?" I asked curiosly.

"Sure" He responded jumping up and down.

Oh dear lorde What have I gotten myself into? I asked myself in my head. I rung Calum.

C - Calum        E - Eve

C - Hey Eve wazzup?

E - I can't do this

C - You can't do what 

E - Ruin their lifes

C - You already said yes though

E - Yeah I know but now I realise that they are actually kinda nice people

C - What's done is done

E - Calum, please don't make me do this, find someone else to do it. Just not me

C - Fine

E - Good. I have to go now.

C - Bye

I hung up on him and went to find Liam.

"Hey, Liam. When is this 'secret' date gonna be?" I asked him.

"How about tomorrow?" He asked.

"Perfect" I replied.

Louis walked into the room and started yelling out weird things, 5 minutes later he looks at us and if we want to play Truth or Dare. Obviously I say yes, Liam is hesitant but I finally convinced him to join in.

 Harry started.

"Evie, Truth or Dare?" He asked smiling. The bitch thinks i'm gonna pick truth I can see it in his eyes. Last time I checked I am Beau, Jai and Luke's sister.

"Dare" I replied confidently.

"Wait, what?" They all said together. Talk about creepy much.

"DARE" I yelled in their faces.

"I dare you to call someone on my phone and tell them that you know where they live and that the Chamber of Secrets is in their house. But I pick the number" Harry said smirking knowing exactly who to pick.

"Ok" I said as Harry passed the ringing phone to me. The mystery person answered.

MP - Mystery Person          E - Eve

MP - Hello Harry.

E - I'm not Harry

MP - Oh, Who is it?

E - I know where you live!

MP - Ummm. Who the hell are you?

E - The Chamber of Secrets

MP - What about the Chamber of Secrets?

E - It's in your house.

MP - Is it really?

E - No Harry Styles just told me to say that and embarrass myself. Now if you don't mind please tell me who you are?

MP - Is Harry in the room? 

E - Yeah

MP - I'm Matty from The 1975

E - I'm Eve Brooks. Wait. Did you say Matty as in the lead singer of The 1975?

MP - Yeah That's me.

E - Holy shit. I'm like your biggest fan!

MP -  Wow.

E - Look me up on Youtube. Just type up Eve Brooks and click the top one.

MP - Can you put Harry on? 

E - Sure

I handed the phone to Harry, who turned it off speakerphone. We all heard snippets of what they were talking about.

"Wait, she's your celebrity crush" Is the one that shocked me the most.

Harry walked back to the group.

"Matty and George are coming over. Matty said something about wanting to meet Eve" Harry said looking me in the eyes. 

I jumped up and started screaming. I ran to the bathroom cause I really needed to use the bathroom. I was sitting on the toilet when the doorbell rang. I flushed the toilet and washed my hands as fast as I could and walked back to the living room. Sitting on the couch in the place I was sitting 5 minutes ago was my celebrity crush Matthew Healy. I tried not to fangirl so I decided I was hungry and went into the kitchen to get some pizza. I wandered back into the lounge and found my laptop.

I sit down on the couch across the room next to Liam.

"Are we going to continue our game of Truth or Dare?" I ask no'one in particular.

"Yes" Louis and Niall reply at the same time.

"It's my turn. Louis, Truth or Dare?" 

"The Swag Masta From Doncasta never say truth he always says DARE!" He said trying not to laugh.

"K, I dare you to text my friend Charlie on your phone, I know what you did last summer!" I said to him as my face dropped.

"So you're Eve Brooks." Matty said from the couch I used to be sitting on.

"Last time I checked, that was my name so yeah I'm Eve Brooks, and you're Matty from The 1975!" 

"Yeah, Thats me" He replied. 

I looked over at Louis and gave him Charlie's number. He quickly typed the message in and sent it. A few seconds later Charlie had replied. She had said  'what did I do last summer and who the hell is this?' I got my phone out and rung her.

C - Charlie       E - Eve

 C - Hey EVIE

E - Hey how's your holiday?

C - It's good I get back in 2 weeks.

E - Sorry I haven't called you or texted you I've been really busy and at the moment I'm in Wolverhampton.

C - Do you know who texted me with I know what you did last summer?

E - Yeah I do.

C - Who

E - Louis Tomlinson from One Direction

C - Oh tell them I said Hi

E - Yeah sure. I'm kinda in the middle of truth or dare so I gotta go Bye bye

C - See-ya in 2 weeks.

"Was that Charlie?" Louis asked

"Yeah, she says hi to everyone" I replied looking at everyone.

"Matthew Healy, Truth or Dare?" Louis asked Matty.

"Dare" He replied loking at me.

"I dare you to..."

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